If only someone were negotiating on whites’ behalf

If we were allowed to speak on our own behalf, we would prefer to have non-white quotas than diversity thought policing at work (including “diversity statements” from applicants and humiliating diversity training of employees). We’d rather the salaries of the diversity and inclusion commissars who torment us went to hiring non-white regular employees instead.

We would rather just have a law removing all statues of whites and names of whites on public buildings than have a racial reckoning. That lady who objected to the Father Damian statue because he was white was being nice. At least she didn’t feel the need to destroy his reputation first, like they have done to the other canceled Catholic saints. I honestly think a law of this sort would reduce racial tensions. If we must lose the public honor of our heroes, at least spare us the lectures on how they are symbols of “hate”.

Similarly, we’d rather have a law against giving any awards to whites than force private organizations to undergo yearly racial reckonings and vilification of their white members. We would enjoy everyone knowing that the awards had thereafter become jokes but no one being allowed to say so.

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  1. Well, the point to consider is not what makes sense; but what are the motivations of those who are engaged in the proximate work of diversity police; and more important those ultimately behind them – who have been steadily cranking-up this agenda for some 55 years. The answers (I think) explain why things are as they are, increasingly – and not otherwise.

  2. This is all true, but it’s also not really relevant. If we spoke on our own behalf, we would impose whatever solution we wanted. There would be nothing to negotiate over because the counterparties in the hypothetical negotiation would not be strong enough to bother negotiating with.

    So, the whole point is to stop us speaking on our own behalf specifically by maintaining the taboo against us speaking on our own behalf.

    This is a wise policy by TPTB since the moment whites conceptualize themselves as an interest group with legitimate interests and work towards those interests, TPTB lose.

  3. Meh, not really a probative set of ideas in my view! No one on the left ever envisions some sort of negotiating platform for whites. Beyond that, “white” doesn’t really cover in toto the relevant territory here. Hence, the Catholic aspect of the problem. It is white AND Western AND Christian that are in the sights of the left. Not to minimize the demonization of whites as whites; it is just that this is *cultural* Marxism. Race only serves as a support of the effort. Or so I fancy.

  4. To follow Bruce Charlton’s line of reasoning:

    The diversity regime is currently designed primarily to advance the careers of those in the diversity enforcement professions and only secondarily to advance the careers of nonwhites. The two groups overlap but are distinct. One infers that, to the extent they are distinguishable, the former is more powerful. This might someday change as whites become a powerless minority. Or it might not, to the extent that the leaders of the nonwhite groups belong to the diversity enforcement professions, and they can optimally pursue their interests by keeping the current arrangement but purging whites from their ranks.

  5. Won’t everyone, ultimately, become slaves of the managerial elite, no matter the race? And won’t the managerial elite always be the smartest, most technocratic, and most privileged? There is no natural predator for the managerial elites, especially not our current minorities. I am guessing that right now the managerial elite is the white population which does not like other (less elite) white people. They can direct the entire game. Minorities might like to think that they are really players (e.g., Obama) because their favorite construct of “race” is being employed, but they are really not essential to the game. They are not, no surprise, really valued for who they are.

  6. @Bonald “o follow Bruce Charlton’s line of reasoning”

    Yes but don’t forget what drives the diversicrats – I mean the demonic powers.

    @rbt ” won’t the managerial elite always be the smartest, most technocratic, and most privileged?”

    This is a joke, right?

    ‘Privileged’ maybe – although they all hate their jobs, and – as individuals – often get binned – but the first two? Not in my experience, to put it mildly. They do tend to be conscientious and hard working – but only moderately (and never incisively) smart, and can seldom ‘do’ anything.

    The few smart ones are – like Boris Johnson – merely ‘fronts’, speakers, PR.

  7. You can’t have quotas because a foreign tribe nominally based on an explicitly anti-Logos cult is in control of every important institution yet comprises only 2 percent of the population.

    The commissars torment you because they are rewarded for doing so. They also target non-whites when necessary, for example if non-whites advocate for independence from the influence of said foreign tribe.

    Negotiation between whites and non-whites is not possible in an institutional context because those institutions are controlled by the foreign tribe, who mediate the discourse to ensure a divided outcome.

    But calling for quotas is a good idea. Start with limiting this foreign tribe to 2 percent employment in major institutions. Make them explain why they should have more.

  8. @Bruce Charlton. I will grant your point about “smart”. Harvard, I understand, is full of mediocrities being trained and networked into the next generation of globalist apparatchiks. Nevertheless, these people will then be able to buy the “smart” that they need to do their work.

  9. Just read that the reparations bill is waiting for president Kamal courtesy of comrade kommissarina Marxine Waters but she won’t be parting with any of her millions and her husband never paid back the millions he was loaned for his failed bank.

  10. I am interested in what you folks think of the idea that the powers that be WANT to overplay the anti-racism card to produce the backlash that they can use to increase control and lock-down of the populace. When I am in a fairly good frame of mind, I simply cannot believe that the Principalities and Powers truly expect us just to have all of this shoved down our throats. OK, discuss!

  11. yes, as was seen on Epiphany Day, the managerial elite wants no more compromises or caving, just race and culture war. to that end, they want a clear loser – Christians and/or whites, the dominant tribe that has troubled this elite so much. no amount of caving and compromise will please them – those were means to an end.

    true, the elites also lord it over the nonwhites from time to time and will in the long run try to destroy them too; but short-term these elites also know how to take advantage of tribal nonwhite desires,and irrational egalitarian integrationist fantasies, to destroy the current white/Christian status quo first. from then on, (((they))) can set up their own hierarchy, albeit a paganic-satanic one- with colored pagan tools instead of white gentile ones.

  12. It’s time to [resist] the jews [although it will mean acting against their interests] – it’s the only way

  13. Hello Mr. Sackless,

    I’ve redacted your comment for clarity. I hope you don’t mind.

    Alas, it is true that there is no way to defend whites or Christians without defying powerful Jews and Jewish organizations. It is also unfortunately true that we are completely powerless before them. We have no power with which to deter them. Nor can we appeal to them with reasons; for them, our humiliation and suppression is a moral imperative. However, even when law enforcement is not afraid of criminals retaliating against them, tracking down some criminals may be judged more trouble than it’s worth. The best hope of whites wishing to maintain some shred of group dignity is to find ways to fall into an analogous category.

  14. I am sorry. Move to Europe and escape that basket country of yours.

  15. Bonald, thanks for your perspective! But on this Easter Day I want to say how unutterably wrong you are! The Messiah of the Jews will be triumphant. It is just so. Against him there is no hope of prevailing. Oh sure, short term, maybe. Long term, it is all sweetness for His friends. I want to sow some seeds of gladness for everyone who is reading here. Christ is Risen.

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