Book Reviews: Religion

The Beauty of the Infinite by David Bentley Hart

The Desolate City by Ann Roche Muggeridge

Discovering God by Rodney Stark

Essay on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism by Juan Donoso Cortes

The Fullness of Being and A Most Unlikely God by Barry Miller

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

The Genius of Christianity by Chateaubriand

God, Freedom, and Evil by Alvin Plantinga

God, Philosophy, Universities by Alasdair MacIntyre

The Idea of the Holy by Rudolf Otto

Islam and the Destiny of Man by Gai Eaton

Islam in the World by Malise Ruthven

A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist by Abbot Vonier

Metaphysics by Aristotle

The Myth of Religious Violence by William Cavanaugh

The Nature of Love by Dietrich von Hildebrand

On the Incarnation by Athanasius

Perfect Being Theology by Katherin Rogers

Purity and Danger by Mary Douglas

The Riddle of Amish Culture by Donald Kraybill

The Sacred and the Profane by Mircea Eliade

The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam

Tradition: Concept and Claim by Josef Pieper

Tradition and Traditions by Yves Congar

Truth, Freedom, and Evil:  Three Philosophical Dialogues by St. Anslem of Canterbury

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