Book Reviews: History

The Ancient City by Fustel de Coulanges

Christian Marriage, a Historical Study edited by Glenn Olsen

Conservatism from the French Revolution to the 1990s by Pekka Suvanto

Conservatism in America by Paul Gottfried

The Crisis of the Modern World by Rene Guenon

The Cristero Rebellion by Jean A. Meyer

The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald

The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

The Desolate City by Ann Roche Muggeridge

Discovering God by Rodney Stark

Enemies of the Enlightenment by Darrin McMahon

Fascism:  Comparison and Definition by Stanley Payne

Liberty:  the God that Failed by Christopher Ferrara

The Legend of the Wandering Jew by George Anderson

The Myth of Religious Violence by William Cavanaugh

The Origin and Goal of History by Karl Jaspers

Progress and Religion by Christopher Dawson

The Southern Tradition by Eugene Genovese

A Study of History by Arnold Toynbee

Three Faces of Fascism by Ernst Nolte

The True and Only Heaven:  Progress and Its Critics by Christopher Lasch

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