Female intellectual superiority and male dignity

I propose the following observation:  a society which is not based on manual labor is a society in which men are held in contempt.  Allow me to explain.  By “based on manual labor”, I mean that the majority of people make their livelihood by physical labor, rather than the service or information manipulation professions.  By “men are held in contempt”, I mean that masculine virtues are not honored by popular opinion or culture, and the majority of men are regarded as losers.

Why do I claim this?  It’s biology.  Men and women have different attributes; the average woman has much different qualifications than the average man.  (See, for example, Taking Sex Differences Seriously by Rhoads, The Essential Difference by Baron-Cohen, and Male, Female by Geary on the innate cognitive differences between the sexes.)  The differences may be summed up as follows:  men are physically superior to women, but women are mentally superior to men.

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Recent changes

Hello everyone (yes, both of you).  There have been some recent changes to the pages on this blog.  The essays (“In Defense of…”; see links on the right) have been reorganized in a way that I think makes things nicer.  There are now page breaks and internal links to sections.  I’ve made some additions to “In Defense of the Patriarchal Family”.  Also, there’s a brand new essay:  “In Defense of Censorship” which refutes the common objections to this practice.  I plan to add some more book reviews soon.