Welcome to Throne and Altar, the web page/blog devoted to defending the legitimate authority of God, tradition, fathers, and kings against the diabolical partisans of freedom and equality.  The most mature statements of this blog’s beliefs are given here and here.  To learn more about me and how I came to these beliefs, see here.  This blog is part of the Orthosphere.

This web site has three features.

Some reasons to check out these pages:

  • Every time you open a newspaper, turn on the TV, or go to class, you are fed the liberal worldview:  freedom, equality, and individual happiness are the only goods;  gender roles, religious rituals, and communal traditions are evil and stupid.  You probably believe this baloney because it’s the only thing you’ve ever heard, but doing so cuts you off from the wisdom of all past generations and all other cultures, and it leaves you no resources for criticizing your government-corporate-media overlords.  Click to the right to free your mind!
  • If you’re a liberal, remember the liberal John Stuart Mill’s dictum that a man who knows only his own case knows not even that.  You can understand your own beliefs better by studying those of your opponents.
  • If you’ve always felt like there’s something wrong with women soldiers, open marriages, state-sponsored blasphemy, public nudity, and kindergarteners practicing putting condoms on bananas, but you felt that it is “irrational” or “intolerant” to criticize these things, guess what:  you’re not crazy.  Click to the right to find out why.
  • Even if you think of yourself as an educated conservative (Burkean or neoconservative), it is unlikely that you are familiar with the authoritarian/sociological/theocratic tradition of the French counterrevolutionaries (de Maistre, de Bonald, Le Play, etc.) from whom I draw my inspiration, even though it is the deepest and most intellectually cogent alternative to liberal fallacies.
  • Being an authoritarian,  I order you to read my essays.