Keep it coming

Welcome to the ranks of the deplorables, Charles Darwin.  Hat tip to Steve Sailer.)

Also Francis Galton, Geoffrey Miller, and “many modern scientists”.  Keep hammering home that lots of eminent scientists believe one thing, but you’re going on the authority of some politically correct science popularizer instead.  Of course, science doesn’t go by anybody’s authority, but the Left gets a lot of status out of this general idea that dissenters are stupid.  People fear being thought stupid even more than they fear being thought immoral.  It would be erode the social pressure in their favor even if a famous novelist or mathematician were found to believe in sex differences.  Famous biologists is, of course, even worse.

America’s original sin

was rebellion against her rightful monarch, obviously!

Owning slaves, by contrast, is not intrinsically immoral.

Most nations have sinful beginnings, truth be told, but these don’t cast the same “original” shadow over the future if they are repented, forgotten, or overlooked.  Not the sin itself, but its rationalization is what killed the soul.  America embraced its rebellion and now can never stop rebelling.

When the present contests the past: the death penalty

David Bentley Hart has an attack on Feser & Bessette’s defense of the death penalty.  His main argument is that the death penalty is un-Christian because, basically, Jesus has already taken the sins of the world upon Himself.  I remember making the same argument as a teenager.  The problem, of course, is that this isn’t an argument against the death penalty; it’s an argument against punishment of any kind.  Catholic orthodoxy, once again, has chosen to endorse common sense rather than the cleanest theological argument.

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