in defense of gerrymandering and quotas

all should take some share in the government: for this form of constitution ensures peace among the people, commends itself to all, and is most enduring, as stated in Polit. ii, 6.   — Thomas Aquinas

Democracy is an awful way to reach decisions, but having a democratic element in one’s state is useful for neutralizing dissent.  As I see it, the purpose of the House of Representatives is not to be an effective governing body, but to give every faction the illusion that it is represented in the government and that its concerns have a voice therein.  This will sometimes require creative drawing of district boundaries for the benefit of opinionated minorities.

Diversity is a curse, and anti-white bigotry is loathsome, but racial minority quotas are a good idea.  That is, given that the wider society is cursed with diversity, it is best for the elite professions to have it do.  If you must have diversity, at least quotas allow you to pick the best candidate of each required group; you can optimize within constraints.  And it’s useful to have all factions and ethno-cultural interests represented among the keepers of the authoritative consensus, e.g. academia.  I’ve said before that the sciences becoming more monolithically liberal is damaging their credibility with other political groups.  In fact, there are many areas of solid consensus, but people reasonably are more willing to trust those who share their commitments while having expertise they lack.  Similar things could be said with regard to all groups–racial, religious, or political–and all disciplines.  To be credible, these representatives must be not only members of their groups but clearly loyal to them as well.  We would all be more comfortable accepting a consensus that such a truly diverse group would write off on.  The university needs lots more monarchists and fascists to go with its blacks and hispanics.

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  1. Quotas are neither good nor bad but motivation makes it so.

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