Speculation on hostile elites and clerical celibacy

It’s not true that the Jews are uniquely smart, hostile to Western civilization, and fanatically Leftist; Indian immigrants are just the same.  Two priestly peoples, with thousands of years of natural selection for intelligence and ideological zealotry.  What’s remarkable is how hapless the European races are in comparison, since these outsiders clearly show that our societies are also structured to reward this combination.

There have been “solar” peoples where warriors ruled, where being smart and self-righteous would do little to help one climb in status.  But we are a clerical people, a dogmatic people, and that has advantages, because truth matters and such a people is better disposed to develop science.  Such peoples are prone to ideological fixations and handsomely reward those at the front of a craze.  For us, the pursuit of conspicuous holiness has been deliberately detached from reproductive success.  It is amusing to wonder how much different the Western personality might have been if we hadn’t had so many monasteries and for good measure forced our priests to be celibate.  It worked well for us for a time.  The trouble is that if one then allows a foreign priestly people to join the competition for status and power, they will quickly make mincemeat of the locals.

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  1. You write, ” . . .might have been if we hadn’t had so many monasteries and for good measure forced our priests to be celibate.”

    Well, then what would constitute the Western tradition?

  2. I suspect something I wouldn’t have liked as much.

  3. Westerners seem to enjoy hearing about their own iniquities. The old “fire and brimstone” sermon told the congregation that it was full of sinners, which is more or less the same as we are nowadays told by social justice Brahmins. Of course in the new religion cash payment is the only road to redemption (“road without end, amen, amen”).

  4. We’re hapless because the West no longer exists. We are like still-alive cells in a dead organism wondering at the amazing progress the bacteria are suddenly making.

    The Indians didn’t even arrive until the body was dead, so they are irrelevant to what killed it. Decomposing bodies are happenin’, jumpin’ places for a while with all kinds of interesting, variegated communities.

  5. No Dr. Brill, we’re not dead yet.

  6. For a century or two.

  7. “My stance on the world should be pretty clear by now. I think the West’s replacement of Christianity with Idealism was a disaster.” – Mencius Moldbug

  8. Indians are the most vocal about U.S. politics and the biggest consumers of the news of any of the immigrant groups with which I have experience, and yes, they are almost uniformly liberal. In their own lives, they tend to be more traditional, often following their ancestral religion and valuing sexual virtue much more highly than white Westerners (and more even than other immigrant groups). My observation has been that this traditionalism with regards to their own lives is true of both Indian immigrants and first-generation Indians, but I am skeptical that it will remain true with the second generation, as they adopt American mores and lose connections to their native culture.

    There are a few I’ve known who are what I would describe as openly hostile to Western civilization (and they’re vocal about it), but the majority are liberal in the more mundane sense that they value things like democracy and individual rights: they actually admire the U.S. for these things, and they want the same things for India. I don’t know too many (if any) who would support the Hindu nationalist party in India.

    I suspect that most Indians vote Democratic in spite of their moral code (as well as perhaps their economic views) aligning more closely with the Republican party in part because of their status as outsiders: they identify the Republican party as the white Christian party; they’re not white Christians, so they vote for the party of the outsiders. They regard the moral issues as an ‘insider’ problem, not something that concerns them.

    There’s also the fact that the entire white native elite with whom they interact are Democrats who regard Republican voters as provincial rubes, so of course most immigrant elites are going to adopt that viewpoint, likely having a similar contempt for their own country’s provincial rubes.

  9. opposes whatever is identified with Christianity = hostile to Western civilization

  10. True.

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