African bishops better than Western bishops even on immigration!

Somewhat surprising quotes from Rorate Caeli:

A few days ago, the African Bishops launched an appeal to the youth of their countries: “Do not let yourselves be deceived by the illusion of leaving your Countries in search of non-existent employment in Europe and America”.
These are the clear words used by Bishop Nicolas Djomo, President of the Episcopal Conference of the Congo, in his inauguration speech at the Pan-African meeting for Catholics.
Mons. Djomo opened the forum by inviting young Africans “to be wary of the deceptions of the new forms that lead to the destruction of the culture of life and moral, spiritual values”, since the cultural and spiritual identity of a people is a treasure and only nihilistic globalism can think that men and peoples are commodities that can be uprooted and transplanted wherever.
Then Djomo exhorted the young Africans not to look for illusory short-cuts to prosperity by fleeing their own country:
“Use your talents and other resources at your disposition to renew and transform our continent and for the promotion of justice, peace and lasting reconcilement in Africa. You are the treasure of Africa. The Church is counting on you, your continent needs you”.
This is what is always missing in Bergoglio’s interventions. He has never said that immigration is an economic and spiritual impoverishment for African societies. Neither has he exhorted African youth not to immigrate and engage in the development of their own Countries. On the contrary.
He describes Europe as a Land of Plenty to the Third World, an opulent and satiated Wonderland, where there is prosperity for everyone. On the other hand, we apparently are the selfish ones, so he accuses us of denying prosperity to millions of hungry Africans who want to come here (we are even apparently guilty of their shipwreck at sea – whereas the truth is, we have always saved them).

The historical trip Pope Bergoglio made to Lampedusa in October of 2013, launched this disastrous message, which in fact, sounded like an order to pull down the frontiers in Italy and Europe (but not in the Vatican) and an implicit invitation for thousands of Africans to leave their countries.

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  1. Big shout out to my nigga His Excellency Bishop Nicholas Djomo. Keepin it real, yo. Word.

  2. It is rather insane when a black man is inadvertently looking out for white men’s interests more than white men are! What madness has gripped Europe… oh yeah, Liberalism.

  3. African bishops are not looking out for the interests of Europeans so much as for the interests of Africans in Africa. Emigration represents a brain drain on Africa, sapping an already lackluster economic potential. If you love Africans, make them stay there. (Actually serious.)

  4. Nick is completely correct. Mass migration is just as harmful to Africa as it is to Europe.

  5. True, they are unwitting I guess. I’d say what hobbles Africa the most is it is forced by various ideological undercurrents and supernational organizations to try and imitate the West in some way. Even though not only is Liberalism antithetical to the black race, but the white man’s organic structure is as well.

    If they want any kind of stable future, African countries need to start building states which reflect the character of the black race, mining its beneficial elements and inhibiting its deficiencies.

  6. In the short run, I think the bishop is wrong – migrants probably bring more money into Africa than they lose.

    Migrants to the UK and Europe do not need ’employment’, indeed very few of them have employment of any kind, and those who do usually earn much less than they consume.

    Due to the vast and multifaceted Euro welfare state new migrants and their long term descendants will nonetheless be supported with income, allowances and free and subsidized services at a level of up to several tens of thousands of dollars per year (for example, in the UK people are allowed to have up to c 20K pounds sterling per year in house rentals) – from which they could send home a significant allowance, while still being far wealthier than they would have been had they remained in Africa.

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  8. […] be used against the Church’s own internal enemies as early and often as possible. Also: African bishops better than Western bishops even on immigration! This is not surprising. Emigration represents a brain-drain for Africa. African bishops, not being […]

  9. Speaking of the 18th century emigration from the Scottish Highlands, Dr Johnson remarks, “whole neighbourhoods formed parties for removal; so that departure from their native country is no longer exile. He that goes thus accompanied, carries with him all that makes life pleasant. He sits down in a better climate, surrounded by his kindred and his friends: they carry with them their language, their opinions, their popular songs, and hereditary merriment: they change nothing but the place of their abode; and of that change they perceive the benefit.”

    He observed that “Those who are gone will endeavour by every art to draw others after them; for as their numbers are greater, they will provide better for themselves. When Nova Scotia was first peopled, I remember a letter, published under the character of a New Planter, who related how much the climate put him in mind of Italy. Such intelligence the Hebridians probably receive from their transmarine correspondents. But with equal temptations of interest, and perhaps with no greater niceness of veracity, the owners of the Islands spread stories of American hardships to keep their people content at home.”

    Perhaps, “with equal temptations of interest, and perhaps with no greater niceness of veracity” applies equally to the African bishops, who fear the depletion of their revenues along with their flocks.

  10. If we can question the motives of the African bishops on material grounds, we can do likewise for everyone; starting with European lawyers who will prosper from an influx of people (new clients) who do not threaten their professional security.

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