Yesterday’s cant

Nothing is as dead as yesterday’s cant.

One hundred years ago, how men thrilled to the thought of a coming religion of man. Ten years ago men cried for tolerance. The slogans that age the worst are tricks, attempts to turn the conservative instincts of the masses to Leftist ends. The religion of man was to enlist the piety of the masses to masonic ends. Tolerance also appeals to conservative instincts, because obviously conservatives are much more temperamentally tolerant than progressives–the boast of the latter is that they want to change the world and will not abide those aspects of it which they do not approve; conservatives used to accuse progressives of being utopian, of trying to “immanentize the eschaton”, while progressives accused conservatives of being complacent, cynical, i.e. tolerant.

Tricks like this seem clever to the midwits of the day, but they never live up to their hype. It always turns out to be simpler for the Left to just crush a culture’s conservative instincts and get its way without the trick. Today, why would anyone bother about religion? And why would the Left settle for tolerance of what it likes or suffer tolerance for what it doesn’t? I predict that in another ten years diversity will have outlived its usefulness, when we have moved on to forthrightly minimizing whites.

Another obsolete bit of cant Catholics of my generation will remember: the consistent ethic of life.

One Response

  1. the tricks are simply that, jedi mind tricks to fool the midwits with the wavy right hand…

    while the tricksters with their other, more devious left hand, crush the little ones that can see thru the charade…

    the midwits don’t need crushing, they will off themselves if spoken softly to and pampered enough. see: whites, the West, Christendom. all told things will be fine if we just prattle along, nothing to see here, wear your masks. while the little ones are still crushed…

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