A qualitatively new level of totalitarianism

Leftism pre-2020: “People are free to run their lives and associate with each other as they please, as long as they don’t discriminate or promote hatred.”

Translation: People can form groups but cannot recognize any organizational principle except credentialism (“discrimination”) and cannot collectively embrace any belief that deviates from the Leftist consensus (“hatred”). In addition, all but tiny groups must make at least nominal efforts to achieve “diversity”. Illiberal organizations are not really permitted. However, non-ideological organizations are allowed and even encouraged, and some of these promoted genuinely valuable goods: friendly socialization, neighborhood improvement, artistic or scientific advance.

Message to white men: You will be discriminated against, but if you keep your head down and your mouth shut and you work hard enough to be unambiguously better than your diverse competition, you can achieve a comfortable life.

Leftism 2020: “Silence is violence. It’s not enough to be non-racist; you must be antiracist.”

Translation: All human groups must have as their primary purpose the exaltation of the Negro and the humiliation of the Caucasian (including the organization’s own “shameful history”). Non-ideological organizations are no longer allowed; at best, organizations are allowed to have non-ideological secondary goals.

Message to white men: Die!

Why it matters

And all of the organizations–social, athletic, scientific, artistic, literary, social, neighborly, economic, educational, religious–all fell into line, every single God-damned one of them. This wholesale embrace of totalitarianism by everyone everywhere in the world was the single worse thing about 2020, even worse than the ruinous COVID-19 lockdowns that destroyed small business and organized religion everywhere.

No organization is what it was a year ago, at least not at the deepest level. To repeat the example I’ve given before, only one year ago it would have been thought preposterous that the collaboration of which I am a part would be emailing political manifestos to its captive graduate students. That sort of thing wasn’t done, no matter how Leftist the faculty. Now we all have diversity officers berating us for failing to speak forcefully enough.

The medium-term consequence, my friends, is that we’re all going to lose our jobs, and I have no idea how we’ll be able to find new work or support ourselves thereafter. No matter what your job is, you’ve suddenly found that attacking Western civilization and the white race is a–is the–core function of your employer organization. It wasn’t part of the job description when you were hired. It’s nothing you ever agreed to. But now it’s your job, and your employer is not going to keep you if you refuse to perform a core part of your job. Silence–passively refusing to endorse the new core mission, even while not explicitly speaking against it–will not be tolerated much longer. “Your silence is violence.” “You must be anti-racist.” Thus speaks the totalitarian consensus, and no one is challenging it, not a single God-damned one!

I really don’t know how to protect from or prepare for this–“keep your head down, keep your mouth shut” really was the only trick in our arsenal. The good news is that it probably will still work to keep Antifa mobs off your front door, although I’m less certain even of that than I used to be. Leftists do not believe in censorship, but they do believe in accountability–loss of employment, expulsion from schools and athletic teams, loss of access to communication and financial services of those who fail to conform–and in calling out–harassment and and ostracism of dissidents–which only involve nongovernmental sanctions, thus respect the First Amendment, and thus are totally okay. Again, no one is objecting to this in principle; at most they claim that some people are being misidentified as racists (or transphobes, or…) and are thus being unjustly inflicted with the punishments that would be just if inflicted on real racists.

As a proponent of censorship, my objection is not that this is censorship, but that it is irresponsible, lawless censorship. Consider that for every crime other than racism it is considered a bad thing for judgment and punishment to be delegated to unregulated private initiative. For every other crime, it is considered a matter of basic justice that offenses be defined clearly and not punished ex post facto. There are good reasons for that.

10 Responses

  1. The zealots sometimes take a scalp just for the coup, but they usually need an additional incentive, such as personal hatred or a desire to give your position to an ally or friend. As long as you are in the organization, they can also blame you for the organization’s failure to reach its goals. The Left has plenty of cynical grifters who understand that the music stops if the Woke millennium truly arrives.

    In some ways the lockdown has saved us from purity tests. It passed through my mind that we might be asked to “take a knee” for GF last spring, but doing so during a Zoom meeting would have been too ludicrous.

  2. The only solution, if there’s any way you can afford it, is to retire, tell your supervisors to replace you with a person of color, and that you will later call your replacement, verify that she is not white, and tell her what your salary was so she can sue if she’s not making at least as much. If your employer’s new mission statement is to abolish white supremacy at all cost, hold them to it!

  3. Shit is going to hit the fan at full tilt!

  4. “I really don’t know how to protect from or prepare for this…”

    Since they started the war against us, and their goal is our destruction, we are justified in almost anything to protect ourselves. Just as a spy behind enemy lines in an actual, shooting war does nothing shameful when he outwardly pretends to support the enemy’s cause, you are fully justified in feigning a measure of support for wokeism in order to keep bread on your family’s table.

    Yes, you will find it distasteful pretending to be a degenerate, but war is hell and they started it.

    You might consider blogging or commenting under an additional layer of anonymity, as I do. Striking back against our enemies helps to keep up our spirits.

  5. I love Dave’s solution, or at least I would if I were about 20 years older. I’d much rather my job go to a POC than to a white zealot. I actually like most black people, but antiracists are the scum of the Earth.

  6. We had a racism panic over the summer (while no one was here). Lots of campus-wide emails and a twitter hashtag to boot. It’s over now and everything seems basically the same (wrt to racism panic) as it was last year.

    I suspect distance from the coasts plays a factor.

  7. I wonder what the effect of lockdowns has been on this. As JMSmith mentioned, having everyone working and taking classes from home has impeded self-criticism sessions and humiliation rituals. It’s made it impossible for schools to go anti-racist, psychological warfare on white children, in any serious way.

    On the other hand, the very fact that we were saved a great deal of pain might be the reason for the lack of pushback. Everybody’s hoping it just blows over before they have to go back to the office.

    One might hope things won’t be so bad when (if) we ever get to be around other people in person again. Zeal ebbs and flows, as ArkansasReactionary indicates. Unfortunately, overton window shifts appear to be more permanent. The zeal to punish may ebb, but the precedent remains, just waiting for the inevitable next black killed resisting arrest for the return of white-hot enthusiasm.

  8. I agree with JMSmith that the lockdown has saved us from purity tests to some degree. Since the lockdown, I have gotten into almost no discussions with coworkers that might have led to me getting cancelled simply because there is hardly any opportunity for the sort of small talk and lunch conversations that might lead to such discussions, and I am very thankful for that. This was not the case before the lockdown, where I not infrequently found myself in uncomfortable situations that didn’t always end well (e.g., being called a racist).

    My employer used to be fairly under the radar with the SJW stuff compared to other similar organizations. That changed in the summer of 2019, when it went all in on the sodomite stuff (it was always there before, but it hadn’t been shoved in our face). I’m not sure what the precipitating factor was: my guess is either the 50th anniversary celebrating the Stonewall sexual anarchists or the fact that a lot of new recent college grads had been hired the year before.

    It’s of course just gotten exponentially worse since then.

  9. We need to keep in mind that younger people wish to displace older people, and in the absence of strong cultural checks will actually kill them off. Younger people therefore valorize the traits of their generation, and vilify the traits of their elders. They cannot get away with demanding raises for their glossy hair and slender waistlines, but they can demand raises and promotions for their new-fashioned moral attitudes. They can likewise winkle the old guy out of the corner office by criminalizing his old-fashioned moral attitudes.

    You cannot win a debate with these hyenas, you can only survive it. That’s why it is good to keep these existential tests to a minimum.

  10. Try to work for small businesses managed by owners, that would be my recommendation. 10 or 15 years ago, my reason for not working for big organizations was that they tended to be into buzzword-compatible technologies while small businesses tended to have a whatever does the job and does not cost much attitude. So they think strongly in cost/benefit terms. I think a small business owner will always protect an employee who generates far more money to him than his salary. They will pretend to be complying outward while protecting their golden egg laying hens inward.

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