White fragility

“All I did was say you were being racist. Why are you getting so defensive? Sheesh…”

Could it be because I’ll lose my job and any hope of getting another one if people believe you? End the totalitarian thought control, allow whites not to lose their jobs for being “racist”–for loving their own kind just like all other peoples do–and you’ll be amazed how robust whites suddenly show themselves to be.

3 Responses

  1. I believe that you are a physicist?
    Gravity and the force required to reverse what fell are pretty much the same thing, two halves of the same structure? The strength required to catch a bowling ball dropped from the roof of your house, is the same force required to toss it back up on to the roof.
    Black political power is same force as white guilt, its the other half of the same structure..
    White guilt increases, black political power increases.
    White guilt decreases and black political power decreases.
    No white guilt, no black power.
    Human capital is then allowed to work its magic. Human capital builds when white guilt and black political power is destroyed. If white guilt disappeared, human capital in the black population would flourish and racism would be laughed at by us all.

  2. No, Buck. Prog political power. The blacks are just the Progs clients and tools.

  3. Some blacks are used; a large percentage of Afro-Americans, but certainly not all, and certainly not all blacks.Stupid is as stupid does, both white and black. Doesn’t look good either way.

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