The damned thing of it is, I wouldn’t have even minded calling him “Loretta”, calling him “she”, it if made him feel better. Polite fiction is what makes society possible. It’s the being forced. I didn’t think of it as a sign of submission, but they clearly do.

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  1. those types tend to love secular power, the forceful submission of it. tis the nature of being given up to lusts. we must pray for them always.

    they also know their position is untenable, thus needing forceful submission. it’s one thing to denounce harassers, it’s another to literally try to prevent the admission of biology and the reality of gender dysphoria as crimethink.

    it is thought that the religious are fantasists for believing in God in a wafer or a virgin birth. well, at least those miracles have expert and/or witness testimony and evidence (ex. eucharistic miracles, Marian apparitions) to back them up. what can be more fantasy than a man believing himself a woman, specially when the real cause is easily noticed as mixed up hormones? no matter how much surgery the secular doctors try, the uterus doesn’t materialize. the flesh and blood of the Lord, and the apparitions of our Lady, did and do.

    still, prayers for them, and all the sinners.

  2. Hm. 25 years ago I used to go to these techno parties, raves, which were a hedonistic place and for this reason tolerant of sexual deviants, but this deviancy was not pushed in your face in a humiliating way, the tolerance was just tolerance and not that kind of enforced tolerance. It was pretty common that people introduced themselves by a nickname, a handle, a tall guy introduced himself as Giraffe, that was just how his friends called him. Perhaps it was a bit of the “cyberpunk” ethos or the handles on the already existing – 1995 – Internet, like IRC.

    So when an openly gay guy in halfway feminine clothes introduced himself as “Monica” I thought nothing about that, it was just his handle or nickname to me. There was no insistence that I should somehow endorse his identity or something. So we did call him “Monica”, it was not that much weirder than calling that other guy “Wintermute”, from an AI in a Gibson novel. At least it is a human name and Wintermute was not human. Or the guy who was a DJ and for his DJing used the handle “DJ Hot-X” so we mostly called him “Hotie”.

    Mostly we used “Monica” as a source of comedy, as he was always very high on drugs and tended to confuse people with each other, it was fairly hilarious when he asked a guy he never knew and was 100% straight if he is the truck driver he had a short, um… relationship? with last month.

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