The Catholic doctrine of open borders

They say that walls and nationalism and racism are sinful. The clergy of the Western Church are required to sacrifice the attachments of family and children, an eschatological sign of the kingdom to come where “they neither marry nor are given in marriage”. How cruel of the clergy to demand from us, the laity, a sacrifice of love, a mortification, a kind of celibacy, for which the particular graces of our vocation do not assist us!

4 Responses

  1. there will be no Jew nor Greek… in the kingdom come.

    meanwhile, the peoples presently have to live in harmony with their neighbors under God the best they can, but while they will still follow their natural concentric circle groupings of family and nation.

    not everyone will be able to fit in the nation they were born in, but most will not emigrate successfully either, without causing more upheavals at least. just like not everyone should belong to the laity or be married, thus some belonging to the clergy; but most will be married laypeople.

  2. They err in looking at only one side of the interaction. Any possible duty to welcome the stranger hqs to be limited by the stranger’s (mis)behavior. In like manner, giving to the poor is only good if the poor receive in a spirit of humility and gratitude.
    Providing welcome or goods to those who have no intent of acting rightly is luring the recipient into further sin.

  3. I know that was just a rant, and I take your point about the blindness and irresponsibility of the higher clergy, but there remains the question of to what extent Catholicism (as we have it) is now an auto-immune disease. A way into one — only one — dimension of this is a discussion of the use of goods under scarcity.

    For surely one aspect of the higher clergy’s irresponsibility is the implicit or even explicit intellectual disavowal of the scarcity of real goods. John D. Mueller rediscovered Philip Wicksteed’s seemingly-simple ‘mother’s problem’ and has written about it, in his book Redeeming Economics, and also in the following freely-available article. Namely, how much of the family’s milk should a mother give to her children, and how much to the family cat? And (I ask) for ‘milk’ might we also substitute ‘liberty’, ‘freedom from crime’, and other goods, and for ‘the family cat’ ‘some stranger, or all strangers’? Anyway:

    Click to access 20050216_mueller_apr02.pdf

  4. There isn’t anything remotely Christian about the open borders swamp. The greedy among the clergy support it because Jewish organizations like HIAS pay them a lot of money to bring in semi-slave foreign labor to bust private sector unions and keep wages artificially low. The pederasts among the clergy then prey on the children of these foreign-born workers, who are uprooted from the natural social support networks of their homelands.

    All of these disgusting, perverted members of the Church hierarchy should be lined up against a wall and redacted.

    Open borders is a clear case of elitist imperialism intended to destroy a nation using the biopower of unwilling and unwitting footsoldiers from another nation — thereby destroying that nation as well. The purpose is to destroy the natural nations of peoples, as blessed by God, so as to build another Babel of wealth and power for said elite. This has nothing to do with caring for an individual stranger or foreigner, it is a blanket policy of deliberate and evil destruction is service to Moloch. All those who promote and serve this demonic end will burn for eternity in Hell, and God’s will be done unto them.

    The platform of the National Justice Party has a lot to appeal to traditional-minded Christians, including finally outlawing usury, which is the cause of many problems including egregious economic inequality. As a third-party option they’re unlikely to win national elections, but they could act as spoilers to drive real discussion around issues and promote real reform. It could be something to look into.

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