Suggestion: Deplorable Day

When I was growing up, I thought racists were just a bunch of low-class skinheaded morons, but now, thanks to cancel culture and the woke media, I’ve come to realize that racist sexist homophobes have made enormous contributions to the world we live in today.  So many great inventors, artists, scientists, writers, and composers, not to mention so many among the working class whose daily humble labor makes our lives possible!  According to the media, our civilization was built mostly by racists, so we certainly owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

I think deplorables deserve their own holiday.  Today happens to be the day after the feast of the Assumption, which perhaps better than any other day reminds us that there is no longer any human without sin sensibly resident on Earth.  It is an implicit rebuke to the pretensions of the Pure Ones and so an appropriate day to honor the ones they have sought to erase.

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  1. I think you may have been the first person to notice this irony. The only reputations worth destroying are good reputations, and this tends to reflect badly on the destroyers.

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