On the Amazonian Synod and its preparatory document

If the Church is to survive my expected lifespan, we need priests with their body cameras on 24/7.  This effectively means that the discipline of celibacy can never be relaxed.  Are we to expect a man to video himself copulating with his wife?

I’m all in favor of ancestor worship and communitarianism, I have a soft spot for genuine paganism, and I hate Western individualism, so I don’t mind the neo-pagan humbug so much.

On the other hand, I don’t like all of this bashing of “colonizers” that I read from the get go, which I assume is the Church’s dehumanizing name for the Portuguese (and probably the Spanish too, although I confess I’m not sure exactly over what geographic area this document is supposed to apply), whom as I recall were Catholic.  The rules of group survival in the pitiless moral status arms race that is 21st century social life are simple.  Never apologize; never admit fault; never expect reciprocity for admitting fault; never accept outside criticism; always close ranks; play the victim; save your compassion for your own people.  Apologies are suicidal if you’re the only one making them.  Criticize me if you like for caring less about pleasing God with vicarious contrition than about the survival of my tribe, but save more of your anger for the prophets and reformers who created this world in which I must choose between the two.  Life is a zero-sum game, and I prefer for my tribe to be the one conquering and killing.  Catholics, be like those Amazonian barbarians–WORSHIP YOUR ANCESTORS.

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  1. “Discourse” was a new and trendy word when I was in graduate school, thirty some years ago. I did’t get it then, but time has revealed that they were talking about rules of speech that transcend logic, grammar, and even polished manners. Naturally the phrase political correctness appeared at the same time. The under these ultimate rules of discourse, a statement could be logically and grammatically correct, and still be politically incorrect. Everyone now understands how this works, but it is still appalling to discover that everything you might wish to say in defense of your tribe is incorrect on the face of it. Logic and scholarship will not save you; literary flair will not save you; decency and manners will not save you. Either you condemn the colonizers and their religion, or you are just a barbarian going bar, bar, bar. Sullen silence is our only recourse, and the rules of discourse will no doubt soon be tweaked to make that into “hate speech.”

  2. Oh, I get it. So when they say they want a “discourse”, they really want a “conversation”, like the “conversation on race”.

    I should try that on my kids when they’re bad. “You and I need to have a conversation.” Then I chew them out, and they grow up knowing what “conversation” really means and how you never want to be subjected to one.

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  4. If you take any specific example of a group of significant size and power in The West – it can be seen that None really are surviving.

    Being assimilated-by The System does not count as surviving – because it is having one’s purpose co-opted, it is merely retaining the skin while having the innards replaced with The System.

    Non Western groups don’t count either.

    By this tough definition of surviving no Western groups are surviving. All are gone, or en route to extinction.

    The lesson I draw from this is that Christians need to be able to survive without social institutions, or at least survive in the context of always-corrupting and continually-declining institutions; else they will not survive at all.

    (Note: Marriage/ the family is Not an ‘institution’ – or, should not be considered as such. Marriage and the family considered *as institutions* are doomed along with all the others. But the Real M&F are Not doomed – although they will probably become very rare.)

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