Cardinal Cupich’s tragic dilemma

You remember how it used to be in the news that some guy in the West would announce that he’s going to burn a Koran, then the Muslim world would go ape-shit, and we would roll our eyes at those excitable Muslims?  Well now some Catholics in Chicago have burned a rainbow flag, and the gay flag is our Koran, so the priest has gone into hiding like the Islam-critics of a decade ago, and his bishop wants to send him to the nuthouse.

Father Kalchik is right, of course.  That flag in a church is an abomination that should be destroyed.  And what about Cardinal Cupich?  Conservative Catholics were quick to point out that prelates never bestir themselves so energetically for any of our concerns.  But I suspect that Cupich also is motivated by true beliefs.  He knows that it is his job to protect the Church.  He knows that if he didn’t condemn the flag burning, then by the next day lay Catholics would have burned down every church in Chicago, for sodomy is their true god and they will tolerate no blasphemy against it.  “…better that one man should die than the whole nation be destroyed…”  Even his claim that Father Kalchik must be crazy and should be locked up–although it sounds creepily Orwellian–might be partly an attempt to protect him from mob violence.  “Leave him alone.  The guy’s out of his mind.”  Or maybe Cupich really is in cahoots with the pro-homosexuals.  The homosexual lobby (inside but especially outside the Church) is so powerful, it’s impossible to tell those who truly agree with it from those who are trying to protect something from its wrath.

What can I say?  It sucks for your enemies to control the culture.  If we laity want to do something, this would be the thing to try to change.

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  1. Firstly, you say that lay Catholics are so sodomitic that they would burn down all the Churches in Chicago in retaliation to a flag burnt by lay Catholics. Then you appeal to the laity to do something. Surely, if lay Catholics are so sodomitic as you imply, it isn’t a matter of the Church being ‘controlled’ by our enemies, but that it has become a reflection of the general culture. If so, isn’t appeal to the laity futile?

    I wouldn’t be so sure that the laity are so ardently sodomitic. Many are frightened to be accused of homophobia, knowing that they will not only get it in the neck from the active homosexualists and their media allies, but also from their own official Church. I suspect those Catholics who burned the flag were expressing a desire among many that had existed since the day the abomination was place in the Church, but nobody had worked up the courage to actually do it. I also think that there are many others who privately support what they did, but wouldn’t dare come out about it in public.

    There are many reports, in multiple contexts, from sincere and reliable sources that paint a completely different picture of Cardinal Cupich to the one displayed here.

  2. mickvet,

    You’re right. The last paragraph makes no sense. My readers are always complaining that I do nothing but discourage them, that I shouldn’t end on a down note but with “here’s what we can do”. I do hate to be a source of discouragement, but in cases like this it’s hard to find something to say that is encouraging, logical, and honest all at once.

  3. I really agree with this. Cardinal Cupich is guarding something precious, the unchanging teaching of church. Maybe bringing into dialect with the world in this kind of protest risks it more? There is just so much bisphop bashing from trads, I now reflexively defend them. For ex. Church Militant has gone off the deep end. It is an insane asylum. A Protestant asylum.
    Do you think pre toleration English Catholics could be an example to us? I just recall that they survived after the civil war by being rather meek and shy and quiet and looking after family continuance. But I don’t know. I wish some men had spoken up before it got to this point we are at today..

  4. The last paragraph makes no sense

    Why are you writing such things then? Why are you so full of fear and despair?

    You lack faith, which drives you to fear. You lack hope, which drives you to despair.

    Bonald, you are certainly a traditionalist, and most laity are not. You hold to all the dogmas and authoritative teachings, but they do not. They are certainly often rebellious. But you are certainly more spiritually sick than they are.

    Repent of your fear and despair, stop stewing in them, lest something worse befalls you. This is a time of trial and you are failing.

  5. Given Cupich’s past statements on the Vigano allegations and his inclusion in Vigano’s letter, I very much think he is in kahoots with the pro-homosexuality lobby.

  6. Hello Lady Katie,

    You’re right. The trad Catholics seem to care about nothing except attacking the bishops, and any stick is good enough for them.

  7. As I recall, Vigano’s treatment of Cupich is at most guilt by association. That is, Vigano says that Cupich was promoted by crooks, not that he’s a crook himself. Quite clearly, Cupich does not want a fight with the world over sodomy, and he’s pretty clearly a Kasperite. There could be all sorts of things going on in his head, though.

  8. Father Kalchik’s zeal for the moral law and his righteous anger against perversion is admirable. However, I assume he was wrong to burn the flag because he had been commanded not to by his bishop?

  9. I think our role in this is to be aware of it, pray for it, and continue on. None of us are Catholic princes (unless Felipe VI is in the audience? We should be so lucky, and my sincere apologies in that case for not knowing the appropriate forms of title and address, Your Highness.), which means we have not the authority to single-handedly wield the second sword. So we should instead focus on trying to be saints, and inspiring the clergy with the example of saintliness while trusting in Christ to lead His Church.

    At the same time, the Church has a plenty long history of criticism of Her members and even Her clergy, and there is a way for the faithful to hew to and speak Truth while giving in neither to activism nor quietism. We should do that.

  10. @ Bonald: you say that Cardinal Cupich is ‘clearly a Kasperite’? It needs to be asked, in that case, if he’s even a Catholic.

    @ Ian: you might be right about Father Kalchik, maybe he was disobedient, but I have read a report that he did obey, but that the parishioners insisted upon burning that wretched flag. As the latter had not been instructed by their bishop, I’d say they were perfectly right to burn that thing.

  11. Ian,

    I wouldn’t say that what Father Kalchik did was wrong, even if it was direct disobedience. I am entertaining the possibility that what we have here is a tragedy, a collision not of right and wrong but of two rights, with no possible happy ending. Oedipus is done in not by his flaws but by his virtues, single-mindedly pursuing the safety of his city even when the investigation starts to turn up uncomfortable family secrets. Creon and Antigone are forced into confrontation because of the genuine truths each one possesses. Orestes violates one precept of filial piety in obedience to another. Thus do the gods play with us.

  12. Cardinal Cupich is first and foremost a politician. He is very sensitive about his public image, and he is firmly in the camp of the pro-homosexual lobby. He has adamantly claimed that the current crisis in the Church has nothing to do with homosexuality but blames it on the vague notion of ‘clericalism.’ This particular action was done so as not to offend, or win the favor, of the homosexuals. He has very little regard for protecting the treasures of the Church, or in proclaiming the truth.

  13. _he knows that if he didn’t condemn the flag burning, then by the next day lay Catholics would have burned down every church in Chicago,_

    What a bunch of bunk, even taking away the hyperbole. Sodomites and their revolutionary affiliates are not doing this for muh grassroots support, the revolutionary things they do they do to spite the Christian everyman, the common man, the Amerikaner, to stare him down insolently, secretly they see in him a rebuke of what they are.

    See, they are not gaining popularity, even the liberals who are supposed to be their fans are lukewarm in prasing clerics of any sort.

    A bishop is not a democratically elected official, even if he is a ‘politician’ or a ‘careerist’ this is oriented towards internal dynamics and we know the power dynamics of sodomites, left cowardly unopposed they will dominate the power structure and every non-sodomite power parasite will seek to affiliate.

    If you wish to blame the common Christian, attack his cowardice but don’t call him a lover of sodomites or worse, excuse revolutionaries with this supposed concern about grassroots support, which even if it were true would not excuse them from teaching what the Church teaches.

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