And yet more on the humanities

Benjamin Schmidt puts together a good case that humanities majors are declining because of the impression of poor job prospects.  I appreciate that he defines the humanities “crisis” in a clear and quantitative way.  Talk of a “crisis of the humanities” often conflates several issues.  As for the enduring influence and declining prestige of the humanities, I still say “it’s the politics, stupid“.

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  1. I was talking to a young man last night. He’s a neighbor who grew up with my children, and has just started here at A&M in Construction Science. His first class in Construction Science began with lecture on “gender as a social construct,” and his first assignment is to design something that will appeal to “all sexualities.” The cancer may have killed the liberal arts, but it has spread to other organs.

  2. I don’t mean to nag, but have you considered placing a warning for your links? I mostly ask because some of the commenters on Dalrock’s and Jim’s blogs can be inappropriate.

  3. The Great Chain of Being was political, too. It’s definitely not the fact that the humanities have political content. Rather, it’s that the particular political content is a disease. More, it is a disease which has erupted in smelly, weeping buboes.

    Furthermore, the people who want to promote the illusion that there is some kind of neutral, non-political basis on which to study things: those people are not our friends. They are just another bunch of PR hacks launching rhetorical fusillades which they think will advance their agenda. Which agenda ain’t ours.

  4. @tnpapist

    Inappropriate how?

  5. Sorry, I did not check. By inappropriate: Jim’s and Dalrock’s commenters used to at least talk too frankly about sex, sexual fantasies, and the sexual escapades of either themselves or others. That didn’t happen all of the time, but there was usually no warning. I do not know if Jim or Dalrock changed their sites. I know Dalrock used to insist that he would almost never censor.

  6. I admit that I don’t usually read all their comments. The main posts do not strike me as harmful. Of course, I wouldn’t endorse everything they say, but I count on my readers to be able to process ideologically friendly atheists and Protestants.

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