Those horrible denialists

This is why I don’t trust psychology.  Keith Kahn-Harris at the Guardian wonders what can be wrong with people that they would doubt officially-promulgated truth on the Holocaust, vaccines, AIDS, global warming, and evolution.  Yes, these sinister “denialists” construct an elaborate pretense of reasoned argumentation, but all of that can be ignored.   As a professional sociologist, Dr. Kahn-Harris is privy to the inner thoughts of strangers, and he knows that denialists actually do it because they hate reason and want to commit mass murder.  Ah, but here they run into a contradiction, because in order to promote their science-hating, Jew-hating, homicidal plans, they must pretend to respect the scientific method and regard genocide as a bad thing.  Of course, it’s only a contradiction if you accept that, for example, climate change skeptics actually do hate science and just want to promote mindless greed, which of course they have never admitted or provided any evidence of believing.  But Dr. Kahn-Harris is, as I said, a credentialed expert and believer of the establishment creed, so if you doubt him, you probably just hate science.

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  1. When I was in university, decades ago, the Psychology Dept. was in the ‘arts block’, along with the other Fiction. That’s how I’ll always see it.

  2. This is why I don’t trust psychology.

    I don’t trust them because they, like the anthropologists, are a rival faction of secular clergy and one which was on top in the recent past. Threat to us economists’ income and prestige, they are.

  3. At least when the economists say I have a revealed preference, they’re supposed to be able to point to something that reveals it.

  4. Oh, I’m having fun. There’s no real doubt in my mind about economists’ superiority to head shrinkers and anthropologists. But from a broader perspective, it’s a pretty slim superiority.

  5. Keith Kahn-Harris is selling gibberish. Typical “ologist”/academic. You couldn’t pay me to read his “unspeakable truth”. He drags me, reading The Guardian article, through the de-constructed debri scattered around his mind, then dumps me at the feet of Donald Trump, asking “who are we as a species”, “what are we?”, “why did we fail?”.


    But, before that, he makes his case that “denialists” (many, most?) don’t necessarily believe what they’re denying? It isn’t the truth or the substance of their denials, it is their seriousness and purpose – the “desire” with which they pursue it. Being a serious, relentless denier doesn’t depend on “truth” or science, since it can’t be falsified. It’s the act of denying that makes “denialism” so destructive of our questionable humanity.

    He’s created a giant new “ism” and he wants to guide us, in spite of “our doubts”, against the “halting onward march” of “denialism”.


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