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Rod Dreher:

a quote from Francesco Montenegro, a Sicilian Cardinal Archbishop, and head of the Italian Catholic bishops’ migration committee: “Migrants, the poor are a thermometer for our faith. Not accepting them, above all by closing our hearts, is not believing in God.”

You don’t support opening the door to the flood of migrants to your country, Italians? You don’t believe in God. So says the Vatican, by retweeting this cardinal’s comment.

According to The Guardianthe Catholic Church in Italy is ramping up in favor of mass migration. Excerpts:

Gianfranco Formenton, a priest in Italy’s central Umbria region who has long preached against racism and in support of migrants, knows what it is like to clash with Matteo Salvini, the recently installed interior minister and leader of the far-right League party.

In response to the party’s xenophobic rhetoric in 2015 – the year more than a million migrants arrived in Europe and 150,000 landed on Italy’s southern shores – he put a sign up on the door of his church in San Martino di Trignano, a hamlet of the town of Spoleto, saying: “Racists are forbidden from entering. Go home!”

He immediately bore the wrath of Salvini, who wrote on Twitter: “Perhaps the priest prefers smugglers, slaveholders and terrorists? Pity Spoleto and this church if this man [calls himself] a priest.”

Think of it! If you believe your country’s borders mean something, then according to this priest, you are a racist who is not welcome in the church.

It gets worse. According to a story in Il Giornale about priests all over Italy becoming migration advocates, Raffaele Nogaro, the retired bishop of Caserta:

The two read the words spoken in an interview by Monsignor Raffaele Nogaro, bishop emeritus of Caserta, in which he said he was ready to “turn all the churches into mosques if it were useful to the cause and if it allowed to save the lives of men and women.”

Think about that. Just think about it.

The Remnant:

On June 13, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston and Houston and head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, read aloud a statement at the USCCB spring meeting in which he denounced the immigration policies of United States President Donald Trump and Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions. Cardinal DiNardo was particularly exercised by Trump’s and Sessions’ policy of refusing asylum to those fleeing gang violence, and of prosecuting everyone who illegally enters the United States, a practice which could potentially separate children from their criminal parents.

According to a Religion News Service (RNS) report, “DiNardo asked bishops to clap if they approved the statement. The room erupted in applause.”

Other bishops wanted to do more than just clap. “Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., [suggested] implementing canonical penalties for Catholics ‘who are involved in this’, referring to children being separated from their families at the border. […] ‘For the salvation of these people’s souls, maybe it’s time for us to look at canonical penalties.’” Since 1973, more than sixty million of my countrymen have been murdered by abortionists. To the best of my knowledge, no “canonical penalties” have ever been levied against the politicians “who are involved in this”…

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  1. They can institute canonical penalties and we can institute financial penalties. Chances are that we can survive excommunication longer than they can survive empty collection plates. There should be a national organization called No Gifts that announces No Gift Sundays whenever the bishops make pronouncements that are (a) hostile to most of the parishioners in their actual dioceses, and (b) outside their actual area of competence. An alternate name would be Feed Your Sheep. The present bishops seem to think Jesus said “milk my cows.”

  2. I’ve never seen the Church go in like this before for any issue, spiritual or temporal. The Catholic clergy are worse than the Jews on this.

  3. I was not around, or too young to remember, but I would be surprised if they did not go in on other issues such as civil rights, no nukes, etc. Now, it would not surprise me at all if they did not go “in” on spiritual issues with such fervor.

  4. I’m looking forward to being excommunicated.

  5. By contrast, we can guess when the hierarchy is just going through the motions. A hundred years ago, the only issue that mattered was “the working class”, but the Church’s interest in that didn’t outlast the Left’s by a nanosecond. Maybe that’s because all issues of class inequality were resolved to everybody’s satisfaction, but the more likely explanation is that the clergy’s “concern” was always a matter of mimicking their social betters. In other words, a fake. An even better example is environmentalism. The pope wrote an encyclical on it not long ago, and this summer’s record heats make the anecdotal case for global warming particularly easy. But with Trump in office, the Left as forgotten all about the impending global doom that was humanity’s most urgent issue just a couple of years ago. Now migrant invasions are where the interest is, and the Church follows along in full servility. The Church’s environmentalism is fake.

    With immigration, though, we’re seeing a real obsession. I think civil rights is the same thing to these guys. It’s always been striking how they will go nuclear on segregationists in ways that would be unimaginable for any other issue. It’s true that they can get away with it because racists like us have no media to run and cry to. But you don’t see anyone wanting canonical penalties against polluters, pornographers, or sweatshop owners, who also wouldn’t get a lot of sympathy. Border enforcers, though, are opposing their sacred cause.

    It must also mean something that the Church’s border insanity started before Vatican II, with Pius XII’s “right to immigration” if not before.

  6. I don’t see any evidence that the cause-and-effect of clerical concern with immigration is any different from other issues. Right now, the MSM is obsessed with immigration, and so are the clergy. It was the same with the Civil Rights Movement, though tempered a little since local papers at that time still generally reflected local values.

  7. Guys, you are completely overlooking one of the most important aspects of this whole charade.
    Scroll to page 37 of the PDF below:
    The United States Catholic Bishops received over $95.2 million in government contracts and grants revenue to fund their Migration and Refugee Services office during the year ended Dec 31, 2016. That’s 96% of the funding for the entire entity coming in the form of federal HHS grants.
    That number ballooned nicely during Obama’s tenure. In 2014 the bishop’s received $79.6 million in federal grants to fund Migration and Refugee Services. In 2012 that number was $69.5 million. Those of you who went to business school know that’s a healthy 8% CAGR over four years.
    You can be sure European countries are doing the same thing.
    But in the US, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. I’m close friends with a young man who in the next year will be ordained a priest, Deo gratias. From him I learned that new priests are now required to be fluent in English and Spanish before being ordained. Why? Well, to paraphrase, the dirty little secret is that Spanish speaking parishes are the only ones that ever turn a budget surplus. Poor Hispanics that don’t know a word of English might earn less than minimum wage but they still give what they can to their parish. English speaking American parishes located in middle class neighborhoods receive less money than these Hispanic parishes, except for the ones made up of affluent octogenarians trying to get their soul in order before Judgement Day.
    JMSmith’s Feed Your Sheep idea is great. Everyone should send their annual tithe to Feed Your Sheep and then the money could be distributed to worthy parishes, monasteries, and religious orders that are actually keeping to the Faith of our fathers. At the end of the year everyone who contributed could receive a report detailing where all the funds went. They could then send that report to their local pastor and bishop to ensure they’re aware of how much money they could have received. Maybe once we raise around $100 million annually the bishops’ fiery open borders rhetoric might begin to cool off.

  8. In Italy of all places!

    It is notably bizarre how blood and people destroying – corrupting – every major institution has become.

    Bruce Charlton thinks Religion is the Answer.

    However this post makes me think if you’re European and care about your people then Religion is NOT the Answer – it’s more of the same evil.

    From where will the light come?

  9. From where will the light come?

    The Laity.

    The Trads will fight them tooth and nail.

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