A response to a laxist

Fr. Z. brings this to our attention:

The diocese in Albano, Italy is setting up a shelter for separated or divorced fathers who, having to pay monthly livelihood to wife and children, do not have a house to sleep in. This is Francis’ Church of mercy that Catholic rigorists don’t like.

— Massimo Faggioli (@MassimoFaggioli) January 12, 2018

Given that these men are living arguments for the evil of divorce, and the evil of a legal regime that encourages women to eject their children’s fathers for frivolous reasons. a reply from rigorists is not difficult to formulate.

If we had our way, these men would be living in their homes, their children would have fathers, and the law would not encourage female rebelliousness.

Next subject.

6 Responses

  1. How are you going to make it happen? A policeman in every house?

  2. Tell anyone in any country two hundred years ago that you planned to build a society in which a woman can eject her husband for any reason and still collect resources from him to the point of his destitution, and that person would have replied with exactly the same question. Without a policeman in every house, how could something so outlandish be enforced? In fact, we it does take a vast legal apparatus to enforce and a vast cultural apparatus to normalize, but we now take it for granted.

  3. The shelter, while probably well-intentioned, will encourage more women to eject their husbands for frivolous reasons and do so more ruthlessly, because now some that might have otherwise hesitated either to divorce in the first place or otherwise to take everything off him will be able to salve their consciences in the knowledge that the wretch will have a roof over his head.

    When one has laws as bad as those that facilitate divorce, everything that is done just makes it worse

  4. @Bonald

    You completely misunderstand the situation. Two hundred years ago, the material conditions of life were completely different and were existent in such a way that divorce of any kind was extremely difficult except for the very rich regardless on one’s morals. Unless you plan to turn back the big daddy welfare state (supported by the Church), women’s financial emancipation( supported by the Church), capitalistic development of the economy, and the social stigma against divorce (supported by the Protestants and Orthodox) it ain’t gonna happen.

  5. We don’t “plan” to turn them back in the sense that we have a clear path to that goal, but yes, we’d like to, and would if we could: as for the welfare state and women’s financial emancipation, neither are supported by the Church, properly understood, merely by the current sorry crop of Churchmen.

  6. I struggle to imagine what else a Catholic could possibly “plan” to do. Hang some more felt banners? Distribute discount coupons for Supercuts to all “lectors?” Those seem like good responses to modernity.

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