San Diego bishop calls for purge of homophobia

which can, ultimately, only mean a purge of homophobes.

Neuhaus’ Law:  Where orthodoxy is optional, sooner or later orthodoxy will be proscribed.

No matter how tolerant someone says he is, ultimately everyone believes in the law of non-contradiction.

Like the rest of the perversion-promoting bishops, Bishop Martin has some fun playing dumb.  Why, oh why, does he wonder, are Catholics so obsessed with this one group of sinners (active homosexuals) and this one, tiny, secondary virtue (chastity)?  This can only seem like an insightful question if one ignores some fairly obvious observations.

  1. Where is this obsession to be seen?  Where do priests preach disproportionately against homosexuality?  Where is the priest, bishop, or pope who says as much about this actual vice as he does about imaginary sins like “racism”, “homophobia”, or insufficient enthusiasm for having one’s homeland colonized by foreigners?  From what I can tell, the Church’s obsession with homosexuality consists simply in her refusal to alter her teaching on the sinful nature of such acts and the disordered nature of desire for them.  She would love to not talk about this teaching at all, but she is constantly confronted by demands that she change it.  Not that I find anything particularly meritorious in our Churchmen’s reticence, but its hard not to see which side is eager for a fight.  Again, if sexual revolutionaries propose a law to give government recognition to homosexual unions, they can hardly accuse their opponents of being obsessed just for resisting them–it was the revolutionaries who brought the matter up.
  2. It is always thought sophisticated to ignore the friend-enemy distinction regarding groups one doesn’t really care about.  In the abstract, contraception and masturbation are as grave sins against chastity as are homosexual acts, and the former are much more common.  However, one can’t help but notice that it’s only one flavor of sexual sinners who demand that the Church validate their sins and who use the state to punish Church groups and individual Christians who refuse to do so.  Self-preservation demands that one notices when one is being attacked.  I have seen no evidence that Catholics are becoming resentful at their demonization and legal penalization at the hands of sodomites, but such resentment would be natural and appropriate.  The Church is the Body of Christ; we should be angered when she is attacked.
  3. We Catholics are actually a rather worldly bunch, and we take a relaxed (perhaps too relaxed) attitude toward sins against chastity.  Everybody falters, and most do in this way in particular, but there’s always the Confessional, and the blood cools with age, so hopefully most people are ultimately able to pull themselves out of their own personal sexual vices.  However, it’s not by unchastity that that the sodomites distinguish themselves; this is not the sin that they have taken as their banner.  That would of course be pride.  Pride is what they claim for themselves, and rightly so, for who but the proud would presume to rewrite the meaning of the sexes and of marriage and demand that all Christendom adjust itself?  Who else would think that anyone who fails to kowtow to their whims should be persecuted as a “hater”?  We are in full agreement about this, the homosexuals and I, that there is not a trace of humility in them.  I would say that humility is not for Christians a secondary virtue.

In a way, the homosexual movement has done the world a favor in so thoroughly claiming the words “pride” and “proud”.  “X pride” now means “homosexuality in X”.  For centuries, the Devil and his Enlightenment minions have done a pretty good job of romanticizing pride as the beautiful vice of the creative and the defiant.  Generations of “Prometheans” seem have mis-remembered a story about humans stealing fire from the gods by ourselves.  Nowadays, who wants to go on about their school pride, like in the great athletic rivalry days of yore?  You’d just make rival schools think you’re a bunch of queers.

3 Responses

  1. Excellent post. Leftists do crack me up with their projection. They’re the only group of people that I know of that will punch you in the face and then accost you for being violent.

    The last part is an especially good point. Hence why I hate the (now) popular term “geek-pride” (its a way of saying you celebrate geek culture in an open and un-ashamed way), despite being a major fan of fantasy and other “geek” genres myself. The term reeks of the sodomites for the obvious reasons. The fact that it was coined after the perverts conquest of our civilization only serves to re-enforce this connection.

  2. They’re the only group of people that I know of that will punch you in the face and then accost you for being violent.

    The leftist cries out in pain as he strikes you, eh?

  3. Magnificent article. Thank you.

    Yes, the only apparent recipients of hatred are Christians. All the venting is coming from the sodomites.

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