On all religions wanting peace

Do all religions want peace, as Pope Francis says?  Probably yes, but that doesn’t imply what His Holiness thinks.  The more interesting question is whether there is a single arrangement of peace that all religions can agree is tolerable.

2 Responses

  1. When holy books speak of peace, they primarily mean at peace with God. The primary purpose of these books is, after all, to rectify man’s relation to God, and this relation can be one of war (rebellion) or peace (obedience). Being at peace with God does not necessarily entail being at peace with other humans, since among those other humans there are many who are at war with God, and hence at war with all who are at peace with God.

    If I am loyal (i.e. at peace) with the king, I am necessarily at war with all who are in rebellion against the king, as they are at war with me. Even if I am a non-combatant, I am, it would seem, forbidden to succor the king’s enemies, so long as they remain fighting men in the field. If they are rendered invalid by injury, this changes, of course.

    This is, I think, the import of Christ’s remarks on coming with a sword.

  2. Did Holy Father give his prayers and support for the French Martyr?

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