Muslim perverts and women’s fantasies

A very revealing post at OnePeterFive:  Pornography and the Prophet:  Islam, Feminism, and the Myth of the “Willing Whore”.  Excerpt:

One might think that, given the western provenance of most of this material, it is also being consumed by a predominantly western audience. This, however, is not the case. Some of the world’s top consumers of online pornographic material are, in fact, to be found in Muslim countries. According to Google – by far the most popular search engine used by consumers of online pornography (83.5%) – Pakistan tops the list of countries whose citizens perform pornography-related searches. Of the top 8 such countries, 6 of them are predominantly Muslim states, including Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. While many of these countries have strict laws prohibiting the production and consumption of pornographic material, the advent of the smartphone has made controlling porn-related internet traffic virtually impossible – something an increasing number of Muslim men regularly exploit.

Muslims in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates also search for beastiality porn more than any other demographic worldwide, with particular interest in donkeys, dogs, horses, cows, goats, snakes, monkeys, elephants and – yes – bears. The deeper one digs into the Google data, the worse it gets: the search term “child porn” is the second most popular porn-related search in Turkey, being topped only by Pakistan, which leads the world in searching for the terms “children sex”, “sexy child”, “sexy children” and, unsurprisingly, “rape”. Other disturbing terms searched in connection with porn include “father daughter” and “bother sister” – ranked numbers 4 and 5 in Syria; “mom” appears in Egypt’s top 10 porn-related search terms. Equally revealing is the finding that the second most common language used to search for homosexual pornography is Arabic, with the terms “gay man”, “gay sex”, “gay girl” and “homo sex” topping the list. In fact, “homo sex” is the top porn-related search term in Indonesia, home to more than 200 million Muslims.

Sick bastards.

Then there’s this:

Despite the claims of Wendy McElroy, any normal person should have a hard time believing that there is anything close to a statistically significant number of women who secretly fantasize about being raped. While many “studies” were produced in the 70’s and 80’s which claimed to document precisely that, more recent analysis suggests that fantasies in which a woman is consensually overpowered by a desireable male are not and should not be referred to as “rape” fantasies at all, but are instead expressions of the natural relationship between the sexes, i.e. a woman’s healthy desire for an assertive and physically powerful male partner. When consent is removed from the scenario, the number of women who report erotic – as opposed to aversive – “rape fantasies” becomes negligible.

I guess this should be obvious, given the tendency to continually define rape down.  Probably no human being has ever had a sexual fantasy that conformed to California’s Affirmative Consent law.

3 Responses

  1. You’ve put your finger very nicely on the idiocy of claiming that women’s rape fantasies are not rape fantasies. “Since I only want to be raped by men whom I want to be raped by, I don’t want to be raped at all.”

  2. I read that article linked in the excerpt. I’m not sure I entirely understand it. It is slightly fantastic to me to hear that women have sexual fantasies at all. As I read it, lots of women fantasize about a man taking her without asking her consent, although she does consent. Apparently he can insist on sexual relations and even be kind of pushy about it, but there’s no threat of coercion if she really, really doesn’t want to. (Of course, since this is a sexual fantasy rather than real life, that possibility doesn’t come up.) So our fantasy rapist has a sort of tacit consent or acquiescence, and so would not be considered a rapist in my book although he would be to feminists.

  3. “So our fantasy rapist has a sort of tacit consent or acquiescence, and so would not be considered a rapist in my book although he would be to feminists.”

    Why, it’s as if they were married, in the old-fashioned, previous understanding that marriage equals consent! You’d think that women, deep down, wanted that, rather than the chimera of equality! 😉

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