Christian Nations and the Terrifying Righteousness of the Jews, a dialogue: Part I

So you are a racist then?

I suppose so.  I have a preference for my own kind, but this doesn’t mean that I think my race is objectively superior or that I have any hostility to members of other races.  It’s just like any other form of love or loyalty.  It’s fundamentally a positive thing–an affirmation of one group, not a repudiation of others.  That’s where we differ, I think, from the race liberals, who think antagonism of outsiders is the essence of group identity, that e.g. Christianity is constituted, brought into being, by the hatred of Jews.  Christians and whites have been perhaps overly quick to concede fault in our relations with others, thinking that we were only renouncing something accidental and not, as the race liberals understood it, acknowledging the evil of our group’s essence.

Yet it must be admitted that certain facts give the liberal account its plausibility.  Even if rejecting outsiders is not the essence of a group, it does necessarily follow from that essence, as the will to repel foreign bodies subsists in any organism, and confrontation with outsiders will make a given identity more central to its holders’ consciousness.  And while one may love one’s people without thinking them superior, thinking one’s people superior is very common.  It is only we whites who have been taught to be ashamed of our ancestors.  Are you sure you are above all presumption of superiority?  Do you acknowledge any other peoples as superior to your own?

Of course.  It is completely evident that white Christians are inferior to the Jews.  Although they are a tiny minority, they have not only defeated us on the fields of law, culture and business, but by every measure deserved to defeat us.  They outclassed us in intelligence, creativity, determination, and courage.  I am embarrassed by my people’s poor showing–not having the wit to answer the Jews’ criticism or even the manliness to endure it–but they are still my people.

Do you think they are the Chosen People?

I want to, because a Christian must, and I wish I could be a Christian, but it is hard to believe God would choose as his own a people so objectively superior.  It would be more fitting for Him to choose a people with no objective merits, so that their elevation would be a greater glory to Him alone.

The Jews’ Chosen-ness has become easier for me to believe since I stopped trying to be a Christian.  You haven’t yet mentioned the Jews’ most striking quality:  their righteousness.  Watch them amongst their Gentile hosts.  I wouldn’t have imagined such righteousness was possible in mere humans!  Pitiless and incurious, without sin and eager to cast stones.  No ancestors to defend (for they were all innocent, oppressed victims), no responsibility for the existing order, seized with the vision of Social Justice, in the light of which every natural, human arrangement is impure, obscene, wicked.  Terrifying it is to be under their gaze, these beings who seem not to share our smallness and frailty.

When you say “righteousness”, do you perhaps mean “self-righteousness”?  This is a vice, not a virtue, and hardly as unique to the Jews as you seem to imagine.  In fact, the hatred the Jews bear toward white Christian civilization is in no way exceptional.  Talk to a Hindu, a Muslim, or a South American, and you will hear the same sort of things:  that we are racist and selfish and responsible for all the world’s evil.  It’s just that Indians, Arabs, Persians, Indonesians, and Hispanics don’t dominate our media.  I think we, not the Jews, are the ones who are unique–unique in our ability to inspire moral condemnation.

No, I mean “righteous”, not “self-righteous”.  A self-righteous man without power is merely comical, but there is nothing comical about being condemned by the Social Justice of the Jews.  I am convinced their Social Justice really has a more than human origin.  One must admit that it is at least inhuman.  Paganism was man-made religion, and it built an ethics around what makes us happy:  families and exclusive groups–for you must admit that at its heart paganism is the love of small things–the drama of ritual and age roles and sex roles.  None can withstand the harsh light of Social Justice–all are unfair!  And yet, although it destroys these things we love, these things that make human flourishing possible, when confronted with Social Justice, we feel its moral force.  When confronted by a Jew saying “how dare you!” for clinging to some cherished little exclusion that brought happiness and functionality to generations, we feel not just fear, but shame.  Surely this is the encounter with a transcendent standard.  It doesn’t matter, for example, if taking women away from their children and putting them in offices in pants makes everyone miserable; Social Justice has a compelling force even when it offers nothing but itself.  Beyond the little things of paganism, there is some Big Thing that the Jews have discovered.  Why imagine It is benign, rather than hostile to the Gentile peoples, as the Jews themselves have tended to believe?  What terrifying Medusan Thing did Moses encounter, that to look It in the face is death?  The Jews found It holy, and so It is.  And later they did look it in the face, the face of Social Justice, and their frail humanity died, leaving a holy hatred for the small, warm, imperfect world of men.

I do hate to interrupt you when your Muse possesses you like this, but what you’re saying is absurd, the stuff of an H. P. Lovecraft short story and not a real metaphysical possibility.  You say that God is a malevolent deity called “Social Justice”, but it is impossible that God should hate humanity, not only our sins but our very nature.  If He exists at all, then we are His creations.  We must be, and be known by Him to be, essentially good.  Men have always believed nature, the given structures of the world and of ourselves, to be a sort of message from Him.  Even the Torah is largely concerned with defending social structures like marriage, private property, and the public cult.  Nor are all Jews as you describe, but only the most visible and obnoxious ones.  Most of them live ordinary lives with ordinary concerns, and the Orthodox among them would find your speculations blasphemous.

You assume many Theist claims here.  Do you remember what the Dualists of imperial Rome used to believe–that the world was created not by God but by a wicked demiurge, and that the goal of men is to spiritually commune with the good God and reject the profane material world?  I’m not saying I know that’s true, but doesn’t it fit our modern spiritual experience:  an earthly god of reality and reason (what the neo-reactionaries call “Gnon”) and a transcendent normative god whom we recognize as “Social Justice”?  We take the Christian belief that there’s just one Principle behind the world, and we don’t understand why our spiritual ideal of Social Justice seems to destroy all actually existing goods.  But if the Dualists were right, then it’s perfectly possible that Social Justice could be so holy that it hates all beings, hates the very principles of existence itself.   Of course, my way of speaking is unfamiliar.  Unlike the pagans, I have seen It, but only from the back, like Elijah, not face to face as the Jews now do.

It would be much easier to believe that Social Justice is not divine at all, but just a destructive ideology the Jews and many others have latched onto, that there is one God, Who is both Creator and Just Judge.  Anyway, whatever the nature of transcendent Being–whether It regards us with love or loathing–we don’t have the option of turning away from It.  Our people has always had an orientation to the transcendent at its heart (as have, to tell the truth, most peoples).  For our culture to turn inwards would be for it to repudiate itself.  If God really were to hate our civilization as much as liberal Jews–and liberal Christians–believe He does, how wretched we would be!


19 Responses

  1. A Christian does not have to believe that the current iteration of the Jews are “chosen” in any way. They are simply the remnants of the Jews who rejected Christ, and thus God.

  2. The Ashkenazi are objectively superior but they supposedly became objectively superior in the middle ages.

  3. The most powerful nations on earth are being destroyed by a bunch a hysteric, nevrotic and sexually deviant minorities. If you don’t believe this is a supernatural event, I don’t know what to say. Even the Church remains silent. It’s even more telling that we are destroyed by a Christian idea gone mad: the revelation of the scapegoat mechanism. The Jews are not superior – they are just the current instrument of God’s wrath.

  4. You know, as much as the Jews are supposedly superior to us gentile whites, we have given the world Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, the Cathedrals, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Newton, Darwin. I mean Proust, Einstein and Mendelssohn are all pretty good, but I’m not feeling all that jealous.

  5. I mean Proust, Einstein and Mendelssohn are all pretty good, but I’m not feeling all that jealous.

    Proust was raised, baptized, etc. Catholic.

    Mendelssohn was a Christian too for that matter.

  6. Assuming you mean Felix, not Moses that is…

  7. Yeah, a fair number of high achieving Jews were converts or from Christian families.

  8. A question for the comentariat: How great has Jewish achievement been outside of Western Culture? I mean, are African Jews the superachievers in Africa as they are in the West?

    It seems to me that a lot of Jewish achievement has been possible by living off the social and intellectual capital of Christian society.

  9. There were some notable Jews in medieval Muslim lands, I remember, but I couldn’t say if it was out of proportion to their numbers.

    Still, it’s not their superachiever status that makes the Jews so intimidating. Another interesting question would be whether Jews in non-Western cultures distinguish themselves as critics of their host societies as much as they do in the West.

    Then again, even if it turns out that they don’t criticize other host cultures as much, they could always just say that we are particularly evil.

  10. Who is “Italics” in this conversation?

  11. I’m not sure how to answer that question. Here are the general runs I have for my dialogues:

    1) Neither participant is me. The purpose of the dialogue format is to distance myself from my writing, to make statements as forcefully as if I believed them but in a context where readers know that this cannot be assumed.

    2) Neither participant is totally wrong. Putting words into the mouth of a representation of my opponents would be unsportsmanlike. Both sides at least must make some strong or interesting claims, and each should get roughly the same space to make his case.

  12. @Bonald.

    There is a fundamental incompatibility between the Christian and Jewish/Islamic/Atheist visions of man. I don’t mean this in terms of the “perfidious Jew” rather that those who hold the values of Judaism as meaningful concept, are going to have values, which if expressed in a non-Jewish society are going to be contra them. Take Christmas, for example. Serious Jews have no reason to celebrate it and the more doctrinaire ones will see it as a celebration of an evil entity, even if they “tolerate it” so the Jewish relationship with Christmas is going to be negative. It’s not a question of malign intent rather it’s a question of religious observance.

    Despite all the blather, Christian society has been far more tolerant and open to expression of though than the other societies and hence their prominence in the West.

  13. Who is participating in said dialogue?

  14. OK. I finally decided that this is Bonald the Catholic talking to Bonald the Pagan.

    The Jews did not invent Social Justice. Christian heretics who admired the Jews did. If Baptism would have been a requirement in the Church of Social Justice, the Jews would have kept away from it. But the Church of Social Justice refuses to make ontological distinctions like that because, duh, it would socially unjust.

  15. […] dialogue here with Bonald the Pagan (or at least that’s my interpretation of the disputants): Christian Nations and the Terrifying Righteousness of the Jews, a dialogue: Part I and Part II. It is eerie, probably intentionally. This is a bit from Part […]

  16. […] Christian Nations and the Terrifying Righteousness of the Jews, a dialogue: Part I and Part II. A Socratic dialog between Bonald’s Catholic and Pagan selves that probes human […]

  17. You bring up a valid point but some confusion. The Jew views Good and Evil as residing in Man, not with God (who is unknowable). This births morality and law, but the stretch to evangelizing it lies wholly within Christianity.

    My working theory is that history is God. Not nature but the unfolding of events and our personal and group interactions with it. Viewed in this way, the Jews’ status as Chosen and their superiority is explained. Genetic advantage is hard to come by and thus there need to be strong social forces that last for hundreds of years for an appreciable and specific change to DNA. Middle Age bans on Christian usury and laws banning Jewish land ownership created a lasting environment for Jewish intelligence to grow. One can stand against God/ history, one can move aside or one can walk with Him.

  18. In fact, the hatred the Jews bear toward white Christian civilization is in no way exceptional. Talk to a Hindu, a Muslim, or a South American, and you will hear the same sort of things: that we are racist and selfish and responsible for all the world’s evil.

    One way to avoid being torn off a pedestal is to not put oneself on it in the first place.

  19. […] because of the non-white races’ stronger faith, their absolute confidence in their own righteousness that we could never match.  If it comes to a race war, they will win, and then they’ll take […]

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