Pope Francis, spiritual leader of the West, to perform symbolic act of subservience to non-Christian refugee invaders

From the Catholic Herald

Pope Francis will celebrate the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper with young refugees in Castelnuovo di Porto, about 15 miles north of Rome.

“Washing the feet of the refugees, Pope Francis is asking for respect for each one of them,” wrote Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the main organiser of the Vatican’s Year of Mercy initiatives.

Announcing the location for the Pope’s celebration on March 24, Archbishop Fisichella noted that many of the young people at the Centre for Asylum Seekers are not Catholic, which makes Pope Francis’s decision to wash their feet “even more eloquent.”


I expect the three Muslim footwashees (out of 12–we can at least be grateful they aren’t a majority this time around) will understand the symbolism far better than Archbishop Fisichella.

3 Responses

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  2. This incident, coupled with Brussels, prompted me to write an open letter to Pope Francis which I hope the Orthosphere will be kind enough to publish. This simply cannot continue.

  3. I’m sort of tired of reading about the Pope, or commenting on him, but in all things I try to keep in mind that God > Pope, and the Pope’s job is to preserve and explain tradition, not subvert or change it. In this, I think our current Pope may be doing a less than optimal job. He’s clearly very “modern” and, at times, the way he says things when being “frank” seems to imply that he, personally, doesn’t fully hold to all Catholic teachings. Even if this is so, he needs to be reminded of his job and role and have respect for those features instead of letting his personal problems interfere or undermine that duty!

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