The Right invites its own soft censorship

There is much concern by reactionaries about social media companies like Twitter and Facebook censoring right-wing and anti-mass immigration views.  The most effective means at their disposal are quite subtle:  rather than banning a writer outright, they just make it very difficult for outsiders to learn about them by manipulating search engines, popularity metrics, and the like.

It occurs to me that the Right has been effectively “shadowbanning” itself for decades, and this is the reason we are so vulnerable to this sort of attack.  As I’ve written before, the Right blogosphere is not properly interconnected.  Everyone should link to people both more moderate and more extreme (along each axis of extremity–no one should imagine he is perfectly moderate or perfectly extreme on all axes).  Instead the Right is filled with stop points that effectively attempt to shadowban everyone to their Right.

Imagine a properly interconnected Right.  Soft censorship from social media companies would be ineffective against it.  Everybody links to groups at least one step to their Right, which makes it impossible to quietly block off everyone to the Right of some threshold of extremism.  Nor would it be practical to declare anyone who links to an extremist to also be an extremist.  If everyone just links to people one link to the Right, then transitively the company would have to block the entire mainstream Right as “extremists” just for linking people slightly less mainstream.  This couldn’t be done without provoking outrage, and, to the extent the mainstream Right are “useful idiots” for the establishment anyway, wouldn’t even be considered desirable.

I could easily imagine creating links to the mainstream myself.  If I had the time and energy, it would be clever to operate a more mainstream, accessible blog whose real goal would actually be to sneak in links to the true esoteric doctrine at Throne and Altar.  One strategy would be to sometimes claim on my mainstream blog to disagree with, to be utterly scandalized by, what this “Bonald” says at his radical blog.  But I give a link, and I make it sound interesting.  Or maybe it works best to drop hints that there are deeper, secret layers of the truth that I dare not mention on my own (mainstream) blog, but I provide a link.  Straussian levels of esoteric subtlety are not needed here.

I don’t have time to operate two blogs, though.  I don’t even have the time (or, perhaps, the talent) to operate a single blog that’s genuinely influential.  So there’s no way I could put together a second that would be more popular and not even express my true beliefs.  This is where I am wanting the mainstream Right to start doing its job.

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  1. […] The Right invites its own soft censorship […]

  2. Has anyone ever asked you not to link to their website?

  3. No, I thought the soft censorship just goes the other way: respectable writers not engaging disreputable writers. Is being offended by somebody linking to you a common thing?

  4. No friends to the right, no enemies to the left. Sanders and Clinton can enthusiastically embrace their commie supporters who would murder every rural redneck as a kulak, while Trump has to disown David Duke every thirty seconds or else he is the KKK.

  5. @Jim
    You know that they are just shit testing Trump. The fact that Trump is intentionally vague in responding to accusations that he is a fascist or racist is central to his appeal.

    Liberals are women (even male liberals). Passing their shit tests and forcing their hamster wheels to spin works in Trumps favor, so no need to complain about that. He is just signally to the liberal elites that he is not bound by their overton window,

    Trump could don a KKK robe and it would increase his popularity.

  6. Sorry, I meant has anyone ever asked you to remove a link (on this page) to their website because you are too far right and they don’t want to be associated with you? I seem to remember links that are no longer on this page but my memory could be faulty.

  7. No, that’s never happened to me.

  8. Another way of saying it is the Right is very badly organized.

    I’ve been unsurprised for years how rightist blogs disappear (e.g In Mala Fide) while the Left can marshal troops on and offline, create fake websites, attack through every branch of social media, plus show up for boring real world meetings to seize power at every level.

    The truth is that whatever the merits of an ideology the ideology that draws actual warriors, people who take action, will win.

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