LIGO announcement tomorrow morning

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  1. LIGO?

  2. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

  3. I’m glad I had to google it. That means I’m not a nerd.

  4. This better be gravitational waves or I am going to be very peeved.

  5. I thought it was the long anticipated reboot of Gangnam Style. But I guess it is just some press conference about the nature of the universe or something.

  6. Gravitational waves. That’s a bit heavy for me.

  7. Ha. I just came here to ask about whether this was really a big deal. Apparently yes. The time travel stuff has to be nonsense, though. Right?

  8. @Josh

    I hadn’t seen where people were going on about time travel with this one (beyond the usual suspects anyway). Suffice to say, claims that we’re going to be time traveling tomorrow are as absurd as they’ve ever been.

  9. Yes, very big deal–best detection we could have hoped for: 5 sigma significance, got the whole merger and ringdown, ideal test of GR in the nonlinear regime. Hopefully an indication of many detections ahead in the coming years.

  10. I still don’t know what this is all about. Why should one care?

  11. Very cool.

  12. Have we been operating under the assumption that gravitational waves exist, but this is the first observation, or is their existence a genuine surprise to people?

  13. Hello Josh,

    Most people expected gravitational wave to exist because
    1) any causal theory of gravity (including general relativity) would predict them, and more importantly
    2) their effects had already been observed on a couple of binary pulsar systems–the neutron stars slowly spiral inward at exactly the rate predicted by gravitational wave emission

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