Woe to the vanquished


I’ve predicted that the media will try to redirect anger over Muslim sexual violence into a backlash against conservative religious groups more generally, which could then be directed at Christians in particular.  Now that the refugees’ penchant for assaulting European women is getting hard to deny, I’ve been reading more and more about how this is all caused by those darn “conservative cultures” that don’t believe in women’s equality.  On the other hand, given the way the impeccably progressive Soviet conquering army treated German women, should we really be surprised by the behavior of the Syrian conquering army?

You know how you stop this sort of thing?  Don’t get conquered.

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  1. Do you know how the brave US Army and western allies trited the german women? Do you know how the western, conquering German army trited the captured Russians, men and women? Do you know why Normandy happend? Do you think that US and Brittain won the war, or that their role was decisive?

    Non westerners are all savages, this is what all you westerners deeply belive, minus a few exceptions here and there.

    Against them stand the brave and heroic people of the west, the universal model, best in the history of mankind for us to follow and imitate.

    But because we are dumb, some of us even inbread savages, we can’t do that, at list not without a fight.

  2. Relax. He wasn’t mocking Russians, he was mocking progressives.

  3. Unless you are going to answer my questions, and I could have asked some more, don’t tell me to relax.

    And another thing…Don’t get conquered? Coming from a world that through various countries and armies wanted to do just that, even before the “progressives” and the “liberals”, or the combination of these to words, existed as a term.
    Now, the goal is the same, the armies are still present, but if the goal can be reached in gloves, unless it needs to be otherwise, that would be nicer.

    Hey, but that wasn’t conquering, those were civilizing missions, to civilize the savages, some of them noble, mind you.

  4. @Bonald- There is nothing which reveals the depth (and horribleness) of our current malaise as the fact that it is now necessary to *argue* that it is a bad thing to be conquered.

    Once a population has lost this common sense then it is surely doomed – esepcially when they are led in this insanity from above.

    And surely it is (plus of course there are many other factors) conclusive evidence of a culture-wide suicidal self-hatred which seems an inevitable outcome of the rejection of religion (not specifically Christianity, but any religion – except insofar as ‘religion’ is just a facade for secualr metaphysics).

    I don’t think this has ever happened before in human history – for the simple reason that all previous societies were religious.

  5. People acknowledge that to be conquered from within their borders would be bad. For example if a their was a Christian uprising that overthrew the government. I think what is unprecedented is that there is no territoriality in who is a member of the tribe and who is not. There is only, as zippy puts it, the low man.

  6. Well this was predictable. Of course its because of the patriarchy, not just the fact that North Africans have a propensity for sexual violence, no, that couldn’t be it. At least the Guardian lost what little credibility it had left. So many news sites have shut down comment sections since the attacks because their readers couldn’t stand the liberal pontificating by journos.

  7. I just did a google news search for rape to maybe find the specific articles you are talking about. All I found were articles about “Roosh V” the PUA blogger, having a meet-up. Apparently he and his followers are “rape advocates”. Seriously, there are apparently world wide protetests being planned. OVER “ROOSH V”! I have never read this guy, though I have read “Roissy” a handful of times. I really doubt he is a rape advocate. These people and their priorities.

  8. Roosh wrote a satirical piece on rape and the media is using it to get lots of attention. They won’t stop pushing rape culture propaganda for the West while suppressing reporting on real migrant rape culture.

    Roosh promotes conservative culture, which he calls neo-masculinity. The media has attacked bigtime, with tons of people contacting police and saying online that Roosh should be jailed or dead for speaking his views.

    The SJWs lecture tolerance while saying how all conservatives should be killed.

    There’s something fantastically ironic, bizarre, and very spiritual about all this.

  9. I’m going to put an article up, maybe late today, about the Roosh incident. I have never seen the left engage in this amount of widespread personal destruction against someone, for tiny innocuous meetups of maybe ten men each. The crackdown is here, folks. We no longer have freedom of assembly.

    And yes, death threats, even against Roosh’s relatives who have been doxxed, abound.

  10. I read the article that everyone is pretending to be angry about. There is literally no ways lit could’ve honestly interpreted as prorate. It basically draws attention to the moral hazard issue. I’ve notice that now pro rape in headlines comes with quotation marks, likely tp protect against litigation. In other words, the media is basically admitting that their headlines are a lie, but they are pretending that it is somebody else’s lie.

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