I’m sure.

At Catholic World Report yesterday:

Father Orsi does see potential for abuse in the new annulment procedure. “Judicial vicars and bishops in their attempts to be merciful could apply loose standards,” said Orsi. “I received a call just the other day from a priest in a diocese who told me the judicial vicar there believes that, [according to] the motu proprio, as long as two people agree there is an annulment, then there should be. I’m sure someone has talked to him by now, and I’m sure that is rare.”

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  2. “If a “sort-of-happily” couple has one or more of these factors in their background, they could begin to worry that perhaps their marriage is null, says Peters. He also says he has already heard from people concerned about the validity of their marriages in light of the annulment reforms.”

    This brings to mind the words of a great Scottish lawyer, F W Walton, the author of the leading textbook on Husband and Wife: “It is a curious fact, though true, that there must always be… a considerable number of persons who could not say off-hand whether they were married or not. It is only when the question has been decided in a court of law that their doubts can be removed. But although they do not know if they are married, and no one could tell them with certainty till the action was tried, it is nevertheless true that they must be either one or the other. There is no half-way house.”

    If marriage requires the consent of two people, that is simply unavoidable.

  3. Where would we be w/o Father Orsi?

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