Focus on the fashionable

It’s not just a Catholic pious BS thing.  The Evangelicals are also guilty.  As Mark Tooley writes (h/t P. Blosser)

In recent years there’s been much understandable and laudable Evangelical conversation about expanding Christianity’s reach to attract diverse demographics through creative branding, especially but not exclusively Millennials.

These exertions have led to rhetorical, liturgical and sometimes theological innovations whose goals are greater persuasive power with the unchurched and unevangelized. Sometimes the tweaking is primarily about packaging, like the preacher shedding his shirt and tie for skinny jeans and t-shirts. Sometimes and more problematically it is about the substance of the Gospel, particularly sexual ethics but also about the exclusivity of Christ, the full authority of Scripture, and emphases on Christian social justice.

This ongoing conversation disproportionately focuses on reaching a particular kind of fairly narrow demographic: typically very educated, overwhelmingly Caucasian, white-collar, socially liberal, urban-minded and upwardly mobile young people. Not in-coincidentally, this well-heeled and fashionable social subset is also a preoccupation for secular commercial advertising. It’s an important group, as its members wield or will wield influence over our culture for decades to come, influencing millions. But does this demographic merit preoccupation to the near exclusion of others in Evangelicalism’s public conversation?

There are other major, often unreached for the Gospel demographics that are maybe not as prestigious but no less spiritually important and in some cases far more numerous…

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  1. Wha…?

  2. Why the confusion, TCA? Have you not seen this dynamic at work? In the Catholic Church nearly everything is held hostage to the imperative to evangelize upper-crust white Western liberals. Since their spiritual needs, such as they are, are very nearly orthogonal to everyone else’s needs, this is an imperative, basically, to evangelize only such people, and to hell with everyone else (literally).

  3. […] reports that a Focus on the fashionable is not just a “Catholic pious BS thing”. Clearly Bonald has got to get out more. Not […]

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