Russia’s birthrate now the highest in Europe

According to Anatoly Karlin at

Back in the First Things stage of my intellectual development, I was told that, despite appearances, Vatican II was a good thing because without it, we would be stagnant and on our way to extinction like the Eastern Orthodox, who never had the benefit of “confronting modernity”.  (The gulags don’t count.)

Yes, I’m so grateful to Pope John that instead of being confident, resurgent, and fertile like the Russians, Catholics are devoting our energies to discerning the “spiritual gifts” of homosexual couples.

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  1. This is definitely a good trend, but on the other hand, most of the growth is in the Asian part of Russia, not the European part.

  2. @Joseph – Abortions have declined since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s, and currently birth rates are climbing to replacement rate for the Europeans as well, not just the Caucasians and Asians in Russia.

  3. I feel like echoing Sailer here — where land is cheap, families can afford more children. There are many ethnic Russians in the eastern green areas, and I bet that they’re having more children than Russkies in Moscow. Indeed, the government is encouraging Old Believers and other returning (repatriating) emigres to settle in the East with a Russian version of our Homestead Act.

  4. […] takes note of Russia’s mild turn-around in birth rates and also how remarkably well Monarchy gets portrayed in the movies. When opposing forms or […]

  5. Russia has a lot of problems, it isn’t all wine and roses as some like to paint it. However, what can be said is that Russia’s trajectory in many areas is positive, whereas ours has been on an uninterrupted downward spiral for centuries.
    If it continues, we can hope to have a possible national backer for our anti-Modern activities in the near future.

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