I have seen the future

Combine the increasingly frank contempt of our elites for the working class, their hysterical but purely symbolic moralism, and improvements to CGI…

In the future, America will be ruled by a (largely Jewish-Asian) cognitive elite nakedly exploiting their subjects.  Subject races will be kept far from the privileges and power of the elite, but whenever one of the ruling classes appears on television, he will always appear behind the avatar of a black lesbian.  The only whites shown on television will be foreign enemies, who will all be shown as looking like Vladimir Putin (regardless of their actual race and appearance).    None of this will help actual blacks, living in savage, lawless ghettos without police protection (because their benevolent rulers need to protect the blacks from racist cops, of course), but rulers will bask in the satisfaction of at last having stuck it to the white Christian patriarchy.

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  1. Reblogged this on kaputmundi and commented:
    America is dead. Long live the White Male Patriarchy!

  2. But Bonald, don’t you know that when a black person is shot by a white police officer, it’s always because of race no matter what (I’m assuming the reference to “racist” officers is referring to the events of Ferguson).


  3. 5 out of 9 Supreme Courts judges are Catholics, I believe.

  4. 6 out of 9, but that hasn’t done us any good.

  5. Catholics will have no sizeable place in the future elite. We don’t have the IQ for it, and more and more professions require effective apostasy for licensing.

  6. Will the future elite necessarily have stratospheric IQs? I wouldn’t think so. This president and the last president are elites and they probably have modestly above average IQs. I bet you, Dr. Bill, Father Z., Jeff Culbreath, etc. have higher IQs than either of the last two presidents.

  7. Bruce asked, “Will the future elite necessarily have stratospheric IQs? Will the future elite necessarily have stratospheric IQs?”
    Not necessarily. I remember a piece of advice from my tutor, the philosopher Miss Anscombe: “Even if one is not particularly cleaver, one can still be very learned. A lot of people here (i.e. Oxford) cut a very good figure that way.”

  8. Jim Donald was on a tear for a long time that our current elite is selected for low IQ. He’s wrong, of course, but it’s kind of interesting to think about why and how.

  9. Vladimir Putin is a good leader. 🙂

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