On bought scholars

Daniel Dennett positively reviews Alfred Mele’s Free: Why Science Hasn’t Disproved Free Will, but then says that even though Mele argues his case well, we shouldn’t trust him because he’s got a grant from the Templeton Foundation, and they have a (pro-religion) agenda.  Dennett admits that Templeton funds a lot of worthwhile work, but implies that this is just a sneaky way to build credibility for their ideological endeavours.  I actually don’t dismiss such worries.  In fact, I wonder if Dennett has taken them far enough.  Is Templeton the only research-supporting foundation with an agenda?  How about the government?  Do Western governments have any ideological lines that their pushing?  Yes, I know, they also fund a lot of nonideological and worthwhile research, but mightn’t that be partly driven by an attempt to shore up credibility for their ideological axe-grinding?

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