Even mass rape can be spun

Have you read about the big Pakistani rape scandal in Rotherham?  It’s horrifying.  This time, the English are really going to wake up and turn on the multicultural establishment.

Oh ye of little cynicism!  The media won’t even break a sweat spinning this.

What are you talking about?  If BNP headquarters had gotten together to think up the ideal scandal to drive home the fact that the nation’s elite regard the natives as legitimate prey, they couldn’t have imagined anything more damning than what’s actually happened.  Not only do they allow gangs of Pakistanis to rape, terrorize, and beat native girls; they use their police power to prevent the girls’ fathers from rescuing them.  In any healthy country, there would be riots.

Would you say some of the English are mad?

Hell yes!

Then it’s a piece of cake.  Just get some Muslim in England to say that he’s been insulted by strangers.  Or have some Rotherham official claim he’s received “death threats”.  Maybe it’ll actually be true, and even if they just make it up, who could prove it?  Then, boom, we’ve got a new narrative:  hateful, bigoted native English who need to be confronted and educated.  And what better way than to give them an extra helping of diversity by importing more Pakistani savages?

Well, when I say “mad”, I don’t mean that they’re going to do anything to bring themselves into disrepute.  From what I’ve heard, they’re even being careful to say that this is about a perverted culture, not race, so no one should even accuse them of “racism”.

Then it’s even better for the master class!  All they have to do is say “yes, there’s a problem with the culture of the perpetrators; they’re not liberal enough”.  The problem is “patriarchy” and “religion”.  [For example, this report tries to make the case that Islam was a cause, but notice how many of the supposedly problematic aspects of Islam are also present in serious Christianity.  The latter also regards unbelievers as being in at least serious danger of damnation, and it has religious texts that acknowledge slavery without condemning it.  Most ominously, Muslims’ lack of support for “gay rights” is cited (pp 243-244) as evidence for their incompatibility with English norms.]  Therefore, the way to keep this from happening again is to go after that organization that the English most associate with strict sexual codes and organized religion, the Catholic Church.

Crap.  Now I’m hoping they just manage to keep this out of the papers, as long as they actually do deal with the problem.

If we’re lucky, maybe they will.  We don’t control the media, so don’t imagine that there are scandals we can “use”.  Just pray for everyone involved and thank the Lord you and your family don’t live in England.

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  1. […] Neki misle da je moguće rješenje u nekoj vrsti narodnog ustanka, gdje će ponosni britanski narod odbaciti lance multikulturalizma, kulturnog marksizma i anarhotiranije koja im se nameće već desetljećima. Međutim, povijest nam govori da se revolucija ne diže, nego se spušta – ako ne postoje elite dovoljno jake i utjecajne da pokrenu revoluciju, do nje neće doći. Birokracija, policija, novinari i akademija su na strani silovatelja. […]

  2. […] Source: Throne and Altar […]

  3. French politicians tend to be much less inhibited by political correctness.

    Fadela Amara, herself a Muslim, when she was Secretary of State for Urban Policies in the Sarkozy government, described « communautarisme » (by which they mean ethnic and religious solidarities and allegiances that threaten to override Republican unity) as something clung to through ignorance and isolation in ghetto communities that will vanish when they are given better opportunities of intellectual enlightenment and of acquiring elementary knowledge in history and the sciences. “For this generation,” she declared, “the crucial issues are laïcité, gender equality and gender desegregation, based upon living together in harmony throughout the world, and not only in France” She hailed the insistence of the Jules Ferry laws on making education at every level, free, obligatory and lay.

    Similarly, Sihem Habchi, then president of the Muslim women’s movement, « Ni Putes Ni Soumises » [Neither Sluts nor Door-mats], in a forceful attack on “multiculturalism” demanded “No more justifications of our oppression in the name of the right to be different and of respect toward those men who force us to bow our heads.”

  4. The absence of riots is extremely disturbing. The absence of assassinations is extremely disturbing. Are there no fathers? Are there no prison gangs?

  5. The media are overwhelmingly on the side of internationalist secular leftism, so anything that happens will be represented as evidence of the need for more internationalist secular leftism. Every time the multicultural experiment fails, the remedy will be more multiculturalism.

  6. > The absence of riots is extremely disturbing.
    The evidence that the English have really had it this time seems to consist of sarcastic comments on newspaper articles and twitter.

    The question is, do they lack the solidarity to riot, or have they just realized that they’re powerless and it won’t do them any good?

  7. The question is, do they lack the solidarity to riot, or have they just realized that they’re powerless and it won’t do them any good?

    Much of it must also be comfort level with the acts involved in rioting. If you’re used to breaking other people’s property and making a lot of noise out in public with your buddies, rioting will feel relatively natural. For more civilized people who’ve never done much of anything impolite in public–let alone criminal–rioting will feel very awkward and they’ll prefer to rant on Twitter or something instead.

  8. […] predicted that the media will try to redirect anger over Muslim sexual violence into a backlash against […]

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