Throne and Altar: 2009-2014 stats

Average views per day

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Overall
2009 8 6 2 3 5 5 4 8 5
2010 19 86 46 44 36 65 174 127 99 185 180 207 106
2011 218 332 406 372 398 405 580 548 623 549 718 887 504
2012 866 1,028 403 338 279 219 189 200 212 209 263 204 365
2013 170 192 179 198 171 170 159 140 248 407 355 426 235
2014 403 437 465 405 427 362 463 493 427



My persistence during the year of 2009 was admirable.  In retrospect, I don’t know how I was so motivated to spend so much time writing stuff that no one was reading.

It looks like I really chose the wrong time to retire this blog.  My audience was growing rapidly in late 2011 and early 2012, and I’ve never managed to get most of them back.  I wonder what I was doing right at that time.

Overall, readers of this blog may pride themselves on being an elite, at least in the sense of being a small group.


Top posts

Home More stats 116,866
Home page / Archives More stats 75,160
In Defense of the Patriarchal Family More stats 15,036
The Conservative Vision of Authority More stats 9,693
About More stats 7,338
A pill to kill male sex drive More stats 6,578
In Defense of Monarchy More stats 5,943
The Meaning of Conservatism More stats 4,811
In Defense of Censorship More stats 4,329
The positive side of bullying More stats 3,288
The Legend of the Wandering Jew More stats 2,970
The Cristero Rebellion More stats 2,626
Neofeudalism: a manifesto More stats  2,623



One lesson is that prominence on the top of the web page does matter.  It seems that the essays are ultimately more influential (or at least more read) than the shot blog posts.  I’m glad to see this, because it’s my essays that I really put the most work into and take the most pride in.  Whenever I’m working on one, I have the feeling that I’m killing my readership as I watch the number of daily hits decline, but I’m carried on by an inner compulsion.  Whenever I’m writing an essay, I’m convinced that it’s exactly what the world needs to hear, even if no one will ever actually listen.  In the long run, though, the essays get a constant trickle of readers, and it adds up (not much, but more than other stuff I write).

Some of you may be surprised to see “A pill to kill male sex drive” up there, but I wasn’t.  Every day, that post gets a few readers from people doing internet searches on the subject.  Apparently, there is a real desire for such a thing.  I’m sure people who come to my blog are disappointed to find that I’m not selling anything but just raising the subject as a thought experiment.  “The positive side of bullying” got a lot of hits because it was linked on View from the Right.


Top referrers (all time)

Referrer Views
Search Engines 65,095 9,838 9,582
Google Reader 3,217
Facebook 2,850 1,942 1,425
Reddit 1,360 1,359 1,093 1,065 1,024


Top referrers (past month)

Referrer Views
Search Engines 1,774 555 366
Twitter 121 101 91


Thanks, guys!

9 Responses

  1. Your peak readership coincided with peak orthosphere. I think there was a moment then when we were really moving up the learning curve–there was lots of new material and people reading and commenting. I even had a blog then. Now it’s moribund (bless Kristor’s heart, but heavy Kristor isn’t doing it for me) and we sit around twiddling our thumbs. Charlton got bored and moved on to LDS. Etc.

  2. Maybe we just need a good Catholic-Prot war to get the juices flowing.

  3. Myself, I’ve been busy organizing and funding the local detachment of Sturmabteilung Orthorsphere.

  4. Your defense of religion essay helped me shake off the last strands of my atheism. It’s hard to assign credit because
    i read The Last Superstition, five or six C.S. Lewis books, and Pascal all around the same time as your essay and there were, of course, other things that led me to even seriously reconsider what had seemed so obvious in my 20s. Still my three (so far) children will be raised in the Church in no small part because of your essay. Thank you, Bonald.

  5. No, thank you Bonald.

  6. Josh,

    It’s wonderful to hear that your family has come home to the faith.

  7. Congratulations, Josh. I’ve always been a Catholic. I’m proud of you, partly because I’m not sure that I’d be objective enough to let the evidence convince. Our Blessed Lord brought you and your family home where you belong. You won’t regret it, I promise. Bonald has helped me, too, much more than he’ll ever know. In fact, God blessed him with much more philosophical talent than I’ll ever have.

  8. I also find your book reviews helpful.

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