More on white guilt

Reparations for slavery

It can’t happen because the whole idea is that white should pay our debt.  But if we pay our debt–with some sufficiently big one-time check, even one big enough to reduce the white population to penury–then we will have paid our debt.  That would mean things would be square between whites and blacks.  Whites would no longer have anything to be ashamed of.  This, of course, can never be allowed.

The mystery of Harper Lee

From the Guardian:

In a move which has shocked Monroeville, Lee, who resides in an assisted-living facility in the town, is bringing a lawsuit against the local museum, accusing the small, not-for-profit institution of exploiting her fame and the prestige of her Pulitzer-winning book without offering compensation. The museum is fighting back, condemning Lee’s lawsuit as “false” and “meritless” and warning that the legal action could destroy an institution that honours the author’s legacy and provides an economic boost to the town.

Let me explain things to inhabitants of Monroeville who are “shocked”.  Anyone who has read To Kill a Mockingbird knows that Harper Lee hates you.  She hates all white Southerners.  Demonizing you has been her life’s work.  Of course she doesn’t mind delivering an economic hit to the town.

What does it mean to say that we are a “nation of immigrants”?

It means that our culture, and by extension we ourselves, have no real connection to this land.  Trace back anybody’s ancestors far enough, and one finds that they came from somewhere else, but that doesn’t make everybody an immigrant.

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  1. The Harper Lee story reminded me that Michael King’s depraved family demanded and received compensation ($800,000) for the use of his words in connection with the MLK memorial in DC. Acorn does not fall far from the tree.

  2. The modern view on race seems to be a sort of perversion/parody of the Christian narrative of the fall of man. Human beings lived in grace until white people practiced historical anti-semitism, racism, and colonialism. From that point forward all white gentiles were born into the original sin of white privilege. Luckily, blacks and Jews suffered and died for our sins in the 20th century (civil rights movement, holocaust) thereby granting us salvation, though only so long as we accept them as our saviors and follow the gospel as preached by the left.

    Maybe that sounds exaggerated, but to the best of my knowledge it is not illegal to question whether or not the crucifixion happened in any European country; it is illegal in many places to question the holocaust. I suspect that most center-right Tea Party types in America would be similarly more horrified at the prospect of someone questioning the holocaust than by someone questioning the crucifixion. So which of these events is more central to these people’s belief systems? To a large degree I think that this is western man’s new religion.

  3. […] Source: Throne and Altar […]

  4. Spot on, Bonald!

  5. The first part of the OP brought to mind discussions we had at W4 a while back: the gist being that affirmative action is like the global war on terror. In no conceivable future state of affairs will it be possible to declare ‘mission accomplished’ and shut it down.

  6. I thought Howard Phillips died.

    Good comment, though.

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