The gathering divorce storm

The heretics Marx and Kasper aren’t even pretending that the upcoming Synod on the Family is about better teaching the Catholic theology of marriage, as opposed to overthrowing it.  (Note Cardinal Kasper practically promising that unrepentant adulterers will soon be able to receive the Eucharist.)

On the bright side, it looks like my name choice wasn’t so bad after all.  Divorce is turning into the great Catholic battle of our time.

3 Responses

  1. I have to wonder whether St. Pius x may actually share in some of the blame for our current predicament by “democratizing” the reception of Holy Communion. We ought to go back to the old tradition of infrequent reception. Reception of the sacrament is now its just an occasion for sacrilege.

  2. Well, in fairness to Pius X, the Catholics of the early 1900s were a much better lot than those of today, and the internal logic of the Liturgical Movement (who began, after all, with a deep love for the Mass and a desire to communicate its riches to the faithful more effectively) was nowhere near as manifest as it would be a generation or two later.

  3. There would seem to be two ways for Kasper et al to get what they want:

    1) Declare that divorcing and remarrying is not gravely sinful, despite the explicit word of Jesus Christ Himself to the contrary.
    2) Declare that unrepentant mortal sin is not an impediment to reception of the Eucharist, despite the consensus of tradition and common sense to the contrary.

    I would actually consider #2 to be the less-bad scenario, but the heretics don’t even seem interested in it.

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