Democracy in the Church

From that same article, another horrendous idea making the rounds:

That the Church in Germany is what preoccupies the quondam Holy Office today is shown by two new initiatives:  the memorandum signed by the director of the Karl Rahner Academy, Bernd Wacker, and the letter from the Kölner Kercheninitiative…in which they asked the Pope to open the procedure for the election of a bishop to the laity as well.  At Christmas, in fact, the conservative Cardinal, Joachim Meisner, will be 80 years old and soon will retire after five years of postponement.  Gerhard Müller has made clear that to change the rules of the procedure is not possible…

I’ve got a better idea.  Let’s just let the editorial board of the New York Times select bishops.  You know, eliminate the middle man.

Of course, this is what I say about democracy in general.  I seriously would rather that my enemies in the media directly control the government than that they indirectly control it through brainwashing the populace.  I have no problem with the rule of a few per se, and the inevitable devolution of democracy into media rule means that it doesn’t matter whether I have a problem with it or not; it is unavoidable.  However, direct rule is preferable to indirect rule–even if we grant that the brainwashing will continue (and it might slack a bit if it were no longer needed for controlling policy)–for three reasons.  First, unlike being the power behind the throne, being the recognized ruler comes with recognized responsibility.  For decades, we have followed the NYT prescription for social degradation, and it has had many deleterious effects, but no one now thinks to blame our true rulers.  Second, recognized rule can only justify itself by some sort of positive appeal to legitimacy or the common good, while indirect power can rely entirely on resentment toward scapegoats, that is, toward the nominal, powerless establishment.  Third, if the NYT directly ruled, it could impose things like gay marriage without the complicity of a majority of the populace.  Thus, fewer people would damn themselves with the making of each evil law.

10 Responses

  1. Democracy was likely designed in the strategy rooms of Hell, for the express purpose of getting as many people as possible to formally cooperate with evil.

  2. There you are. If we can imagine a devilish scheme, we are probably several hundred years behind the devil.

  3. Yes, I should have probably given you credit for #3, since as I recall, you’ve been making this point for a very long time. And sometimes, very rarely, some of us eventually do get it.

  4. @B – I seriously would rather that my enemies in the media directly control the government than that they indirectly control it through brainwashing the populace.

    You are correct, of course. But this is the kind of reason the modern PC Left has been so much more dominant than the Old Communist or Fabian Left – everything is done indirectly: control is by differential subsidies and ‘independent’ regulators and the legal system – rather than by direct command and coercion; by soft sell ‘education’ rather than hard-sell propaganda; airbrushing is simply by not mentioning in a mass media deluge – slander is by repeated linking and innuendo and ‘concern’ – rather than show trials … and so on.

    All deniable – and sufficiently remote and complex that the modern attention span cannot wait for the explanation.

    It is like the two step remove bribery of ‘earmarking’ which is invisible/ deniable to the modern mind – only if actual dollar bills are shoved into a pocket can corruption be noticed.

  5. Come to think of it, I probably owe you credit for reason #1. At least I’m learning from the right people.

  6. Things with the Germans are really coming to a head, aren’t they? Perhaps, once they’ve finally departed from the Church, we can finally dredge all that Rhenish filth from the Tiber.

  7. “Rhenish.” What an awesome word. Never read it before, I think. But Rhonish and Tibrish and Mississippish don’t seem to be words. I wonder what linguistic rule I am clueless about here.

  8. Hah, the Rhein flows into the sewer.

  9. I attempted to be disgusted with Germany (I realize this is not what Proph is advising me to do), but my memory is filled with this, and with this.

    Not that any nation in Europe is presently a model Catholic nation at present, but it does appear that the German temperament just has a more difficult time with Catholicism than other European nations, and tends not to do it well in general, and tends to express beauty outside Her (the Church’s) walls when she (Germany) expresses it (Bach was Lutheran, and Brahms was Who Knows What).

  10. Someone usually makes remarks about the German character and its relation to the Catholicism. I still say the Germans get second place to Merry Ol’ England and its former colonies. Nothing good has really come out of England in last 300 or so years!

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