Ukraine falls

The worst-case scenario is now likely.  The overthrow of Ukraine’s legitimate government by naked mob violence sets the country on the path to submission and assimilation to European Union sodomo-tyranny.

Let this be a lesson to legitimate government everywhere.  Don’t negotiate with Western-backed thugs.  You must crush them without delay and without mercy.

9 Responses

  1. It might not be as bad as all that.

  2. He says “I consider myself a libertarian” and seems to have a favorable opinion of the Orange Revolution.

  3. It’s not just that you should never negotiate with the US or its puppets, though that is true. The Ukraine’s big problem seems to be that it permitted the CIA to occupy its country in the form of “NGOs.” Freedom of speech means freedom for the US to propagandize at will. Freedom of capital movement means freedom for the US to fund rent-a-mobs.

  4. Yes, the essay doesn’t do a good job making any kind of point, but one thing I came away sure of is that its author is not one of our allies.

  5. I’m certainly no libertarian myself, and I reject the russiaphobia of the mainstream right, but I think the situation in Ukraine is probably somewhat more complicated than “evil American sodomites destroy peaceful conservative nation.” If I have been misinformed, please correct me.

  6. I’m sure it is more complicated than that. On the other hand, in broad outline, the EU and Russia are contesting for Ukraine. It seems most probable to me that it would be better for Ukraine and better for the world for Russia to win that struggle. It also seems likely that the overthrow of Ukraine’s government is a battle won for the EU. Who knows, though? It is hard to figure out what is going on.

  7. The complications are never as important as the big issue of whether or not an event serves the Revolution.

  8. Putting aside the “interests” of outside players, what I find amazing is the American media’s consistent knee-jerk support for rebellions around the world even when a given rebellion was against US interests. Is it just part of the American soul to support rebellion for rebellion’s sake? The only time Americans are anti-rebel are when US forces are actively engaged.

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