Japan: the white man of the orient

Has anybody else noticed this?  For some reason, Japanese are the only non-Westerners who are supposed to be constantly apologizing, who are never allowed to have a healthy patriotism, who get scolded by major newspapers for not allowing themselves to be ethnically cleansed through mass immigration.

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  1. The Japanese honor their soldiers, including war criminals killed in WW2 in large shrines like the “Yasukuni Shrine.” On multiple occasions Japan’s leadership have publicly belittled Japanese war crimes in Korea and China. Several years ago a Japanese PM came out and claimed that comfort women were not “forced”


    This comment sparked outrage across Asia, along with riots in China (approved and encouraged by the local party bosses of course).

    Japan is far from being anywhere near as sensitive to past atrocities as say modern Europeans are about WW2. I see so little to like about modern Japan. They are a walking poster for a post-capitalist techno-dystopia. For all of its problems the West at least had some residual Christian cultural influences, whereas Christianity never managed to effectively penetrate Japanese society.

    Nor has the Japanese penchant for death-worship gone away-

  2. That’s just what I’m talking about. No non-Japanese, non-Western people would be criticized for honoring their war dead. And constantly berating one’s ancestors over their war crimes (i.e. failing to “belittle” them) would be sinfully impious.

    The Japanese have been apologizing for being on the losing wrong side of the war for decades. Catholics from Popes on down have been issuing the most humiliating apologies to Jews for decades. Americans from presidents on down have been apologizing to negroes for decades. When does the grovelling ever stop?

  3. I think leftism informally designates everyone as either oppressors or victims. The Japanese are oppressors because their sins (particularly being allied with Hitler) are so recent.

  4. Hi Bonald,

    Is there an appropriate way to acknowledge the sins of one’s ancestors? How do you think religious Jews deal with it? If they read the Torah regularly, it must be awfully hard for them not to think of their ancestors as incorrigibly wicked dolts.

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