The complete failure of the German Church

Could it be any worse?  No, not really.  The German bishops announce that their flock with near unanimity reject all Catholic teachings on sex while accepting anti-Christian utilitarian morality without the slightest reservation.

The bishops then publicly apologized for so utterly failing German Catholics, and, unable to bear their shame, ritually disemboweled themselves.

No, of course everybody knows that in the real world, bishops never feel shame, no matter how many millions of souls in their charge are delivered to eternal torment by their laziness or cowardice.

Actually, they want to change Church teaching and discipline so that unrepentant adulterers don’t feel “discriminated against” and “marginalized”.  What an utter disgrace.

One Response

  1. Reading through that report, I was left with the impression that you could probably strike “German” from your summary headline and still have a pretty accurate assessment of things.

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