Just because we’re not allowed to say it doesn’t mean they can’t brag about it.

Examples of a phenomenon I noted earlier.

Jews free America by filling our culture with obscenity!

Jews free America by ruining Christmas!

This reminds me of the old, refreshingly honest,

Jews enrich America by running Hollywood!

Amusingly enough, Gentiles aren’t allowed to notice how Jews disproportionately enrich the culture in one particular direction even if they approve of it.  Consider the criticism Joe Biden got for

Jews free America by promoting white race replacement and sexual perversion!

Now, scrupulously fair man that I am, I feel the need to defend the Jewish people as a whole from these awful things they’re saying about themselves.  Obviously, many Gentiles are pushing obscenity, anti-white racism, and sexual perversion.  In that sense, “the Jews did it” is far too narrow.  In another sense, it’s far too broad.  I rather suspect that the clique in Hollywood doing so much for the cause of evil is not made up of Orthodox Jews.  Nor is it made up of Israelis.  Urban American liberal Jews are a distinct breed–a charming, creative, and hard-working people (in my field I do get to know some of them), but it is hardly fair to put them in charge of a Christian Protestant culture and expect them to preserve it.  How could they?  Why should they?  The fault is ours, not for allowing them to enrich us with their talents (it would have been foolish to prevent that), but for failing to develop our own.  If American Christians want to have a culture, they can’t just hire somebody else to construct one for them.

4 Responses

  1. Yes it’s ironic that Orthodox Jews can defend themselves against liberal Jews, but traditional Christians cannot. So Bonald, please give us your action plan to solve this. If you need help, I can offer an explanation of how Orthodox Judaism did it.

  2. Any plan would have to include convincing Christians to be more like Orthodox Jews. We must first acknowledge on a deep, visceral level that we are a tiny minority. We must cultivate estrangement from the majority culture–loyalty to traditionalist Christians, hostility to the United States. (I don’t mean to imply that Orthodox Jews are hostile to the USA. However, given American Christians’ long-standing love of their country, nothing less than a phase of actual hatred will be needed to establish the proper us-vs-them mentality.) This psychological breakthrough is the most important thing; 99% of liberals’ rhetorical attacks on Christianity would have no effect if Christians understood that they are actions of an enemy. We must build physical communities like the Orthodox have, but I have no idea how to accomplish this practically. We must do a better job encouraging fertility and retaining children, but again I don’t know how to do this.

    I would very much like to hear more about the Orthodox survival strategy, because it is indeed working better than the Christian “roll over and die” strategy. In our defense, the Orthodox do have a few advantages over us. Secular culture has its guns aimed primarily at us, not them. Even if they watched secular television and movies, thay wouldn’t tell Jews to be ashamed of their history the way they do to Christians. Also, Orthodox Jews were never under the delusion that this is an Orthodox Jewish country, which helps them respond realistically to their situation. Finally, they presumably share in some of the genetic advantages of Jewry in terms of intelligence, communicativeness, and initiative, and this must have aided their culture and community building. We Christians will have to overcome this handicap with are larger raw numbers.

  3. It’s true that liberal Jews in America mostly aim their attacks at Christianity. But in Israel, liberal Jews mostly aim their attacks at ultra-Orthodox Judaism. I think these are analogous situations.

    So I will give you my personal interpretation of how Orthodox Judaism works based on my limited experience of about a year with them and my experience following some Jewish law. Judaism is not based on ideas or on convincing anyone of anything. It is based on actions that cause changes to a person’s outlook. One of the key ways this works is by harnessing the ridicule of liberals. Liberals love to ridicule others. Ridicule forces a person to decide whether he will conform to avoid ridicule or reject those ridiculing him and instead commit his allegiance to another group. Orthodox Judaism promotes actions that invite ridicule while modern Christianity goes out of its way to avoid such actions. Orthodox Jewish examples include keeping the Sabbath, dietary law, and, in more extreme cases, unusual dress. Let me explain the Sabbath as an example because I strictly keep the Sabbath. I do not drive on the Sabbath and I refuse to do any work or shopping the Sabbath. This inevitably interferes with normal interactions with mainstream people who find this restriction ridiculous. And they do ridicule this, usually behind my back, but I find out. So if a Jew who isn’t committed either way starts to keep the Sabbath, he will be ridiculed and he will find out and he will be forced to choose which side he is on, mainstream liberalism or Orthodox Judaism. I don’t keep kosher, but this has the same effect.

    I will give one other example of harnessing ridicule because it is so dramatic. The Chabad are a tiny Hasidic Jewish sect who decided that they wanted to make liberal Jews become Orthodox. As you can imagine, this is quite a challenge. I will explain one key strategy they used. Traditionally, Orthodox Jews put on tefillin when they pray. This was always in private. If you google images for “tefillin” you will see that it looks quite ridiculous. What the Chabad did was to go out in public and ask Jews to put on tefillin in public and repeat a prayer. The Chabad offers no arguments, they just beg other Jews to do it as a favor. So a liberal Jew puts on tefillin in public as a favor to some Chabad guy and then he suddenly feels the ridicule of being outside of the mainstream. This causes confusion in the liberal Jew’s mind and forces him to ask himself where his allegiance really lies, with Judaism or with mainstream society. And this actually works and many liberal Jews have become Orthodox thanks to the Chabad.

    Christianity could use the same approach by encouraging behavior that invites liberal ridicule. An example might be saying grace before eating anything, especially in public. Christianity has to find actions based on its own traditions and repurpose them with this aim, as Chabad did with putting on tefillin. Actions like going to church or taking communion in church don’t work for this purpose because they don’t interfere with interactions with the mainstream and don’t invite ridicule. Christianity needs to find ways to get its members to reject mainstream liberal culture, and I think the Orthodox Jewish approach is quite effective.

  4. That is very clever!

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