Dale Price on Vatican II-worship

Many thanks to Philip Blossser for sharing this piece by Dale Price.  The topic is a speech by Cardinal Maradiaga on the New Evangelization, but it addresses larger issues quite splendidly.  I particularly liked this:

1. Introduction: It is not possible to talk about the Church, or about the Church today, without referring to the crucial moment in contemporary history that Vatican II has been for her, both as an event of grace and a paradigmatic reference. ” [a quote from Maradiaga’s speech]

During a pre-conclave speech, the then-Cardinal Bergoglio issued a warning about what happens when the Church becomes “self-referential.” While Cardinal Maradiaga would no doubt disagree, his speech is loaded with one of the more common self-referential sins of modern Catholic churchmen: the endless appeal to the 21st ecumenical council.

Some of you are probably crying foul, itching to throw a yellow flag, but think about it–how do you think constant, self-praising references to Vatican II sound to non-Catholic ears?

“We gathered together, thought and talked about the modern world for three years and bam–I tell you! Wow, it just hit us! Now we know how this utterly unique and unprecedented modern world thing works! We even prepared several mission statements! Minds. Blown! Let me tell you humbly–it’s the most important event in our recent history, and we are just brimming with insights from our big meeting that we just gotta share! Let us hit you with some knowledge. Incessantly.”

Note that he says it is simply “not possible to talk about the Church” without referring back to it. And, my, does he ever refer to it. Over and over and over again. Let me humbly submit that constantly talking about your fabulous insights seems to be the dictionary definition of self-referential.

And we haven’t even gotten to the part where the Cardinal praises modernism!  Do read the whole thing.

5 Responses

  1. @Bonald

    Do you agree with my comment that “Unless and until the truly dread-full lapse and fall – a negative event of world historical significance – represented by Vatican II and what followed, is explicitly repented and reversed by the Roman Catholic Church; then that institution will certainly continue to dwindle and dwindle as a spiritual force for Good in the world.”


    This would mean that if/when the RCC begins to repent Vatican II, the tide will have turned…

    and unless/ until then, the descent of the slippery slope will continue.

    A simple test.

  2. Yes, we must repent our sinful effort to curry favour with the world, and we must acknowledge that Vatican II is deeply tainted by that sin. Then, even more importantly, we must move on and forget about Vatican II, instead of endlessly arguing about its “proper interpretation” and inventing ludicrous arguments for why–despite all appearances–the council was a great blessing for the Church. Ecclesiastic gatherings and committee reports do not deserve this sort of devotion. Any fundamentalist Protestant would be ashamed to brandish and thump the Bible the way Catholics do the Second Vatican Council, and the Protestant would at least have the excuse of making a big deal out of the actual word of God.

  3. I don’t believe a Catholic is qualified to judge this matter, at least not as Charlton poses it here. One need not be a “Vatican II-thumper” to say so.

  4. Heh, you didn’t have much up for a few weeks and now you have a bunch of new posts! When I get time, I look forward to reading them, but I did skim through each just now, and this one caught my eye. Why? Because just a few hours ago I was reading The Remnant Newspaper’s takedown of this rotten Cardinal:



    Do read them Bonald, they are quite good, IMHO.

  5. Thank you for sending them. It seems that the speech was even worse that I realized.

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