Stuff you’re not supposed to feel

Yes, I know, you’re proud of your wife for being a working girl, doing her part to pay the bills, etc.  But deep down, don’t you find the thought of your wife being bossed around by some other man for eight hours a day slightly emasculating?


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  1. In his debates with conservatives, Christoper Lasch pointed out that it was capitalism that dealt the family a catastrophic blow well before “big government” came on the scene because capitalism removed wealth production from the family into the hands of a rationalist corporate bureaucracy. By criticizing the neo-liberal superstructure Pope Francis has (probably quite unintentionally) confirmed himself as the de-facto leader of all those who truly wish to conserve families and a semblance of traditional culture both in the West and around the globe.

  2. Her boss is a mormon woman. Man, I never counted that blessing before.

  3. The corporates grow because of existence of stock markets. So, a simple way to limit the corporate size would be to look into the anynymous property structures typical of stock market transactions.

    There is an argument that property, to further its stewardship and social roles, should be a stable and public relation between a person and the thing owned. Thus, the anynymous and fluctating property typical of stock market transactions is not the type of property that deserves protection.

  4. I am more concerned with harsh bosses bringing her to tears. She really cannot not take criticism personally and gets very depressed by it often resulting in crying. I was SO relieved that yesterday she finally went to a doctor and was allowed into sick leave status for the remaining period of the pregnancy – it would have been mandatory (in Austria) anyway for the last 8 weeks so from 6th Jan on, we just brought it a bit forward.

  5. There are certainly negatives to having your wife work, but I don’t think emasculation is necessarily one of them. Not for me, anyway.

    Emasculation happens when a man’s territory is intruded upon, or when a man is prevented from exercising dominion over his own territory. I find that the role of a boss at a job is very different from the role of a husband/father–even in a patriarchy–so the boss is not really intruding upon husband/father territory and the husband/father is therefore not emasculated. This is even more pronounced when the boss is incompetent and/or absent.

    While I’m now proudly the sole breadwinner while my wife stays home with the baby, there was a time, before we had kids, when I was struggling to find enough work as a freelancer while my wife had a regular full-time job. The emasculating thing wasn’t her having a male boss, it was me not being able to be the provider.

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