If you won’t do it for your ancestors, do it for your children

Fight white gentile shame, that is.  Is this the life you want for your children and grandchildren, a never-ending cycle of ever more abject self-abasement met with ever more hysterical denunciation?

Perhaps you think all this anti-white hatred will peter out on its own if we just keep our heads down and apologize long and abjectly enough?  I used to think so too, but it is clear that this isn’t happening.  The more docile and powerless whites become, the more viciously our moral standing is assaulted.  Immigrants, having risked death to come to America, immediately turn to castigating the native population of their new home for being insufficiently diverse and welcoming.  The Democratic Party insures that every non-white newcomer is made into an honorary negro, complete with the anti-white resentments that come with this new status.  White demonization is not going to stop on its own.  Why should it, when so many people benefit from it?

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  1. @Bonald – There is no-way-out of this horror from a secular perspective.

    The choice of training your child to be either a professional-victim passive-aggressive whining parasite, or a shame-ridden willing-punchbag and toiling sugar-daddy is no choice – it is to accept a world view where the bottom-line is predator-prey exploitation and the only ‘good’ is temporarily to join the exploiters.

    This is another of those things that can only (constructively) be transcended by our culture on the other side of Christian revival.

    Sans a Christian revival, it is merely a matter of who can whip-up and harness the most powerful hatred, and channel into short-termist motivation.

  2. I wonder if the white kid learned his lesson. His first message is as friendly as it could possibly be. He says the talk sounds “pretty great,” recognizes that the recipient will probably prefer attending the talk (that he might prefer to play is only “off chance”), but nevertheless extends a cordial invitation to join the club for a game, using the term futball for jocular effect. Then the righteous rage begins and he finds there is no defense that works. He must simply take his beating at the hands of his superior, and at the end agree that he deserved it. You simply cannot have friendships when one party carries a .45 magnum in his pocket and can pull it out and fire it whenever he feels an urge to do so. I hope what the white kid learned is that you can never be so inoffensive that the .45 magnum will not be pulled.

  3. I certainly learned the lesson.

  4. Liberal shaming tactics are largely self-policing: they don’t work on people who don’t accept liberal culture or desire to be immersed in it; the white kid grovels because he doesn’t want to lose whatever meager benefits that culture gives him, whereas anyone here would probably just roll their eyes and move on, not even giving the aggressively boorish Hispanic kid the courtesy of a response email. So maybe “fighting it” isn’t the way to go; rather we should be establishing parallel cultures for our children to be immersed in, so that (a) they don’t feel the need to ingratiate themselves with racial grievance-peddlers in order to have friends and (b) they will have some sort of social support for those occasions when liberals get a little overzealous in policing the borders of their own culture. Above all we should be teaching our children that almost everyone who uses words/phrases like “racist” or “white privilege” in a serious way is an idiot and their opinion isn’t worth the air consumed in the expressing of it.

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  6. […] If you won’d do it for your ancestors, do it for your children […]

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