Academia or the military: who is less hospitable to conservatives?

This made me return to that question.  I’ve never been sent to a seminar that told me I would be punished for participating in “hate groups” as labeled by the SPLC.

It was once true that universities were more belligerently Leftist than the rest of the country, but that is no longer really true.  Universities haven’t moved rightward, but the rest of society has moved far to the Left.  Now a university is one of the best places for a conservative to be, just because that’s where the old books are.

The one bright side of this is that it may rectify a distortion of the organized Right that I noted here:

A key difference between liberalism and conservatism:

Left intellectuals are expected to be more extreme than liberal voters.

Right intellectuals are expected to be more moderate than conservative voters.

8 Responses

  1. I’m warming to this point of view. The diversity training I have been subjected to at university has been pretty mild, and nobody ever asked me to agree with anything said. I am not confident i would keep my job if I were caught saying something racist in public, but I’m also not sure I would lose it.

  2. A lot of leftists are genuinely shocked when highly intelligent people have reactionary views. It’s a real blind spot with the left, one we should exploit to the degree we can.

  3. one we should exploit to the degree we can.


    1) It’s probably not hard for us to “infiltrate” Leftist organizations as they will never imagine we hold such views.

  4. I suppose that’s part of the reason why the university has been hospitable to me. It probably hasn’t occurred to anybody that I might have forbidden opinions. In the military, one has the combination of a tyrannical organization run by Leftists and a body of helpless recruits who are suspected of holding unacceptable prejudices.

  5. As one simultaneously living in both worlds—the Academy and the Marine Corps—I’d like to share a couple of stories. They reflect my experience, and my experience may not be representative of the status quo, so make of them what you will.

    For whatever reason—I’m guessing it had something to do with the celebration of diversity—there were people imitating Aztec dance (complete with garb, drums, the whole get up) on campus Monday night. My professor made some joke about it—the point being “Why?”—and then made a reference to the practice of human sacrifice in Aztec religion. I smiled and said, “That’s not very PC of you.” She laughed, as did the rest of the class.

    Back in 2009, while in combat training, my platoon was involuntarily subjected to what was meant to be a motivational lecture by a salty old Clint Eastwood-esque First Sergeant. I still remember his name—First Sergeant Bishop—because he spoke with the forthrightness, clarity, and boldness with which I often wish our bishops would speak. He lectured on the corrosive societal effects of moral relativism and the breakdown of the family, in which he directly addressed and repudiated homosexual agitators.

  6. I work with the military (US Army) quite a bit. We should not underestimate the resistance among young lower enlisted to the officers’ bullshit initiatives. The situation there is a lot like late Soviet Russia — a superficial sheen of compliance masking an ocean of cynicism and disdain. It’s very very similar to the way high schoolers roll their eyes and chuckle at the administration’s efforts to crack down on bullying with anti-hate seminars, etc., and actually there’s probably a lot of overlap in those two demographics.

  7. Yes, the proles will never be PC-ized. On the other hand, they like to drink, fight, and f— all night.

  8. Based on personal experience, there is almost nothing better than engendering cognitive dissonance in one’s colleagues by holding prole attitudes while being well-educated.

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