It does seem that the sodomites have totally claimed that word, doesn’t it?  If I see a poster saying something like “American and Proud”, I no longer expect it to be a piece of patriotic chest-thumping; I expect it’s going to be about Americans who are gay.  This is all for the best, because I believe that pride really is their key sin.  They’re not called “gay lust parades” for a reason.  Succumbing to sensuality is in itself a sin of weakness, an unfortunate but understandable and human thing.  But standing in public and bold defiance of human nature is a thing akin to what the fallen angels do.  Let us therefore embrace our role as the party of humility, of those who conform to the given meanings of reality.

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  1. A certain amount of pride seems to affect all of the designated victim groups, almost as if they had earned, by the past suffering of people like themselves, a right to be overbearing and obnoxious. This sort of righteous rudeness is most commonly encountered in a certain type of feminist. Among the more aggressively proud homosexuals, this victimological pride seems to be compounded with a second sort of pride. This is the pride one sees flaunted in a Gay Pride Parade, and it seems to be an antidote to shame. I suppose this is the same pride that one sees flaunted in a Slut-Walk.

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