Final plans for Throne and Altar

Throne and Altar exists primarily as a vehicle for its essays, so I’ve decided to complete the blog with some new essays that have been in the works for some time.  Hopefully, I can work all this verbosity out of my system now so that the Orthosphere doesn’t get subjected to too much of it.  There are some loose ends that need to be tied up before I can regard this site as a finished product.

First, I’m going to gather together the posts on Catholic morality into a single essay.  I might also do this with some of the other series, e.g. the “against journalism” series.

Second, I’m going to finish a work on the principles of natural law ethics, the first installment of which has just appeared.  This essay has been a long time in the works; some parts of it actually predate Throne and Altar and rework unpublished writings of mine.  Other parts are material originally intended for In Defense of the Patriarchal Family  that was cut for going too far afield from the main subject of that essay.  The natural law essay will, I hope, help to alleviate a gap in this blog’s arguments pointed out long ago by Reggie Perrin in his review.  Reggie was right to notice that the Patriarchy essay made a number of assumptions about what in human nature is morally significant.  The natural law essay is intended to show how such concerns could be addressed.


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