Transition to the Orthosphere: phase 2

The Orthosphere group blog is off to a good start.  In fact, I’d say that blogging there has been so active that Throne and Altar has acquired an unexpected function of giving my writings a place where they can stay at the top of a page for a while.  I’ve decided to move ahead with phase 2 of my switch.  I will continue to cross-post my material, but I’ve turned off comments on this site, except for posts that I only put here.  That way, everybody commenting can be part of a single conversation at the other blog.

2 Responses

  1. I am very pleased with how well this project is taken off; it’s far exceeded my expectations. Average daily traffic at this point exceeds C:TB’s highest-ever daily traffic count.

  2. Successor of M. le Vte de Bonald,

    I wanted to leave a comment in reply to your previous post on being a good reactionary, but it seems that it is closed to replies. With reference to the final point on pessimism, I think that you may have gone a little too far.

    After all, a few centuries ago, only a tiny minority would have been members of the atheistic left. Therefore, if only a tiny minority are now true traditional conservatives (a proposition with which I would agree, though I believe that it would be much higher if more were aware of the case for it) then it must be possible, however unlikely, that it could be turned around again.

    Your own experience in not being ‘born into’ true traditional conservatism yet getting there must provide further encouragement, since it indicates the possibility of slow conversion, however miniscule the numbers may be initially.

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